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The Beacon. Shanghai SIPG stop at semi-finals for AFC champion league, but the dream remained alive!



Tonight, in the 2nd round of AFC champion league semi-finals, Shanghai SIPG lost to Urawa Red Diamonds by 0 to 1 in away game, with a total score of two rounds 1 to 2 which lost chance to enter the finals.




This match, Shanghai SIPG has arrange the strongest squad line up of four foreign player. On the forward line which are Hulk. Elkeson and Wu Lei; on the middle field was Oscar, Akhmedov and Cai Huikang; on the defensive line was all main forces appear it.




In the first half, both team played very actively. In the 11 minute, Urawa Red Diamonds uses one corner kick, player Rafael Silva head the ball to scored, then takes the lead. After that Shanghai SIPG frequently launch attack, but did not changed to goals. When the half time ended, Urawa Red Diamonds temporarily takes the leading score for 1 to 0.





In the second half, for able to draw the score, Shanghai SIPG continue to deploy forces, replace Lv Wenjun, Yu Hai and Wei Shihao these 3 players. Unfortunately, it wasn't possible to get the goal in the end, to retrieve defeat.




Thus, Shanghai SIPG has ended the journey for AFC champion league this season, compared with the first time last season, the AFC champion league entered eight, this time has enter semi-finals which was great improvement for step forward.




Next, the team will be continued to fight for CSL and CFA Cup finals. On the 22nd October (Sunday), Shanghai SIPG shall compete against Guangzhou R&F for the 28th round of CSL league in home ground.






Boas ( Head coach of Shanghai SIPG)


Congrats to Urawa Red Diamonds have been promoted to finals. Today we have a lot of ball possession, however there is no chance of creating more goals, to make us getting promoted.


A mistake at a corner kick in the first half, this makes Urawa get a goal for promotion. And we have many times to control the ball, but did not have obvious chances to score.


Urawa’s offensive did very well today. In fact the start of the game are purely depend on this, not same for us, they have score the goal first, then it sealed the gap in the back field. Their tactics have played a great role, our tactics which was not, therefore we lost the game. Also, in the first half we have too many mistakes when passing, the ball doesn't come out from behind, thus has impact the attacking for the team.


To enter semi-final of the AFC league, for Shanghai SIPG was a great improvement than last year, which is still good. Of course, we wish to enter the finals, not been promoted, the players are very sad and regretful, I hope they can get out of the nightmare as soon as possible


The team still has CFA cup final which needs to play, our championship of this season is still alive, so we need to work hard. Unfortunately, we didn't get the important trophy of the Asian champion league.


Hori Takafumi (Head coach of Urawa Red Diamonds): The game was a very difficult one, the players are very hard, running all over the field, I would like to thanks to them, and to the fans who came to support us.




Appearance List


 GK: Yan Junling

 DF: Fu Huan(74’ Yu Hai), He Guan, Shi Ke(89’Wei Shihao), Wang Shenchao

 MF: Akhmedov, Cai Huikang(64’ Lv Wenjun)

FW: Hulk, Elkeson, Wu Lei



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