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Khuyến mãi sẽ sẵn sàng trong 7 giây

The Beacon. Shanghai SIPG lost the match in the last round, ranked in 2nd position from the group phase will then compete against Suning

Tonight, in the last match of group phase for AFC champion league, Shanghai SIPG lost to Western Sydney Wanderers by 2:3. Eventually took the second position from the group to enter the AFC knockout round, the competitor to compete in the eighth-final is Jiangsu Suning.

This match, all players from Shanghai SIPG who has yellow card was not in the first line up. Regarding the line-up arranged by Boas, the GK is No.2 player Sun Le, on the defense line He Guan is partnered with Wang Jiajie, left and right defense is Zhang Wei and Fu Huan, midfielder Akhmedov, Zhang Yi and Lin Chuang Yi become the first line up, on the forward line is Lv Wenjun, Wu Lei and Elkeson.

Just 20 second after the match, Wu Lei has scored the first goal, this is the third fastest goal in AFC history, also it is the fastest goal of AFC in East Asia. But in the 3’ and 6’ minute, Western Sydney Wanderers has scored two goals by Jumpei Kusukami and Lusitica to overtake the score.

In the 8’minute, Shanghai SIPG player Akhmedov unfortunately heads the ball to the goal post. In the 22’minute, Elkeson was kick down by the competitor in their penalty area therefore received a penalty kick, he score personally and draw the score. 

In the second half, Shanghai SIPG take Zhang Huachen to replaced Zhang Yi, then sent Li Shenglong and Zheng Zhiyun to get the opportunity to practice. In the second half, both teams has mutual attack and defense, in the 89’minute Sodilio from Western Sydney Wanderers score the winning goal.


Boas( Head coach of Shanghai SIPG) 

We did take some of the players to have a break, the reason is because they all have yellow card, to avoid been offset during the knockout. It was crazily to play at the beginning of the match, it’s all I did not think of it. After the match, we are slowly back to track, which include Elkeson who has create many chances. The tied score 2:2 is more reasonable, just the last moment we lose the ball. When we make the rotation, also consider the later on knockout competitions. The next AFC champions league, we shall try all our best to play against Jiangsu Suning.


When the match start, the players was slightly nervous, there is lack of balance on the defense line. Some players had some valuable times to play, Zhang Huacheng played for half of the match, before was very little. Zhang Yi is very important to our future, Li Shenglong was confident after his appearance, his performance is very strong…Overall satisfaction is good for the young players, although the result is not so good.

We are concentrated on every match, if you look closely, we have many opportunities to take down the opponents, we have more chances in the second half, but maybe they are more efficient than us. Our main purpose today is to let our more players to have the opportunities to play, and also because the May schedule is intense, we need to rotate.

About the next opponent of the AFC- Jiangsu Suning, it’s too early to discuss it, will talk about once we have prepared. Who is more likely to deal with it? Why do you think so, of course not.

Popovich (Head coach of Western Sydney Wanderers): We are able to win in the last match of the season, it is a good result. This is a difficult match, the players are willing to fight is the key for the final victory. This season has many challenges, but the results are definitely unsatisfactory, especially at the beginning of the season.

Appearance List


GK: Sun Le

DF: Fu Huan, He Guan, Wang Jiajie, Zhang Wei ( 77’Zheng Zhiyun)

MD:Akhmedov, Lin Chuangyi, Zhang Yi ( 46’Zhang Huachen)

FW: Wu Lei ( 67’Li Shenglong), Elkeson, Lv Wenjun

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