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The Beacon.Shanghai SIPG experience the first defeat during the season league! Make a Good summary, try all the best to play for rest of the game


In tonights 28th round of CSL champion league, Shanghai SIPG battle at home ground was defeat to Guangzhou R&F as 1 to 2, It was also the first time that Shanghai SIPG has lost at home this season in all competitions.

After finishing the AFC champions league, Shanghai SIPG back to league, head coach Boas has adjust the starting line up. The biggest changes on the defensive line was Carvalho together with He Guan; in the MF, Lin Chuangyi has received the first appearance, together with Cai Huikang and Oscar; on the forward line was Hulk, Wu Lei and U23 player Wei Shihao.

Shanghai SIPG in the beginning of the game has lost the goal, in the 4’ minute Guangzhou R&F open a corner kick, Jiang Jihong head the ball to score. In the 22’ minute, Oscar passes the ball to Hulk nicely, then he penetrated into the penalty area which was fall down by the goal keeper, to received a penalty shot. Unfortunately, Hulk whomade the shot himself was saved by the goal keeper. When the first half ended, Shanghai SIPG temporarily fall behind the score as 0 to 1.

In the second half, Shanghai SIPG lost the goal in the beginning of the game. In the 49’ minute, Guangzhou R&F uses rapid action to attack back, Zahavi once again score the goal. In the 60’ minute, Hulk in the penalty area shot the ball to get a goal for Shanghai SIPG. After that, although they keeping attack opponent’s goal, but unfortunately it was not possible to score again.


In the 29th round of CSL league, Shanghai SIPG shall visit Zhenzhou on the 29th October ( Sunday)  which compete against Henan Construction FC in away game.


Daniel ( Assistant coach of Shanghai SIPG)

I think what's going on in the game today,should not be the final results,we actually created a lot of scoring opportunities. Although in the first half we have lost the goal just from the beginning, but we acquaint things slowly.But we have a lot of opportunities in the game,just in the final shot, we didnt handle properly, also the goal keeper from the opponent did a very good job, he is the best player on the pitch, many excellent saves has been made.

Of course, the opponent also made many good opportunities, especially in the second half, we are burst out on the attack, try to equalized the score. But, in general, the result was not we expected.


Stojkovic ( Head coach of Guangzhou R&F): This is a very difficult game, SIPG has strong ability. I am very proud of our performance today, congrats to our player.Today, the two teams showed a very exciting game, thanks to both team, especially our player.

Corners and positioning have always been a great goal in football,our first goal, whether it be quality or header, is very good.The goal set us up with confidence,to be able to play in rest of the game.


Appearance List

GK: Yan Junling

DF: Fu Huan, He Guan, Carvalho,Wang Shenchao

MF: Lin Chuangyi(54’Zhang Yi), Cai Huikang(82’Li Shenglong), Oscar

FW: Wu Lei, Hulk, Wei Shihao(54’Lv Wenjun)



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