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Winning the Final Game! SIPG Achieving Goals of This Season!

Match Reports

This night, in the last round of CSL, Shanghai SIPG at home won over CFFC by 3-1.

SIPG ended the final game of CSL of this season by a victory, sealing the third place of 2016 CSL scoring table. This season, SIPG achieved goals of CSL and AFC Champions League. After match, Chen Xuyuan, Chairman of SIPG, himself went into the football field, congratulated SIPG’s players, and hugged and shook hands with every player.

This match, Hulk returned from injury. SIPG’s attacking arrangement of the front court was the same as last home match, the big victory against Shandong Luneng by 4-1. Wang Shenchao replaced Fu Huan as right defender; the latter was suspended due to adding up to four yellow cards.

In the fourth minute, SIPG got one goal C Hulk made a long pass to his back and Wu Lei passed the ball from left to center. As a result, the rival’s defender, Gülüm, scored a own goal. In the 36th minute, Hulk rapidly made a free kick in front court and Wu Lei scored the ball with an angled shot into the goal. In the first half, SIPG was in the lead by 2-0.

In the second half, SIPG still took the initiative. But in the 84th minute, CFFC scored a goal by Dong Xuesheng. However, after one minute, Elkeson expanded the score by a skillful shot.

At last, SIPG won the final game of CSL this year and got the third place of CSL this season.



Eriksson (the head coach of Shanghai SIPG FC) :

This was a very good season ending. We played football what we wanted in the past three matches even four or five matches. Sealing the third place, we were happy with the result and we just need to play a match for the qualification of AFC Champions League. We made many opportunities in today’s match, so we were worthy of today’s victory and that was a fire result.

Reviewing the whole season, our fortune was not that good. There were many injured foreign aids, like Gyan, Hulk, including Conca and Elkeson being often injury. However, our native players did very well. Their state and level were improved continually. The third place showed our native players’ good performance. So I was quite interested in the number of our native players who were recruited into the national team by Lippi.

Our players would assemble again to prepare the new season on November 28th. They had been trained and played matches for 11 months. So the vacation was very important for our stamina and spirit. At the last two weeks, they would make physical training plans to keep good states for preparing new season’s work. Of course, I would come back before training. I also had a vacation and I would come back to Shanghai before our team assembled.

If we did better on injury in next season, I was sure our team would better and better and I believed we can be champion someday. So why we not try our best for that?


Pellegrini (the head coach of CFFC) :

This was a match that one team tried to master while the other tried to score. We made two fatal faults so that our rival scored early, which made we passively. There was the same to the second half. We tried to master the match, and our rival has a few chances in fact. But in general, I was satisfied with our players except two faults. I believed we can be a very strong team in the future.


The list

Goalkeeper : Yan Junling

Defender : Sun Xiang ( 90’ Zhang Wei ), Shi Ke, Kim Ju-Young, Wang Shenchao

Midfielder : Evrard ( 11’ Lv Wenjun ), Yu Hai, Hulk ( 90’ +Lin Chuangyi ), Cai Huikang, Wu Lei

Striker : Elkeson

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