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Khuyến mãi sẽ sẵn sàng trong 7 giây

The Beacon. Unfortunately lost to Suning, Shanghai SIPG finishes the CSL league place second for the season


This afternoon,in the 30th round of CSL league, Shanghai SIPG lost to Jiangsu Suning by 2 to 3. Finally in the second place of the league,the 17 victories 6 negative, accumulates for 58 result,finishes the 2017 CSL league in this season.




This was the last match for CSL league in this season, head coach Boas arranged U23 player Wei Zhen and Portuguese football star Carvalho partnered to become middle fielder, side MF are Wang Shenchao and Shi Ke. In the middle field, Akhmedov was suspended who replace him was Zhang Yi, and other player are Cai Huikang and Oscar. On the forward line was Hulk, Wu Lei and Lv Wenjun, to form the team’s strikers.




In the first half, the opening for SIPG was great, in the 8’ minute, Carvalho assist Lv Wenjun to score by had a long pass in the middle field.






In the 21’ minute, there is a chink in the defense line from Shanghai SIPG, Teixeira from Jiangsu Suning clipped the ball to score and make a draw. In the 33’ minute, Li Ang from Jiangsu Suning scored by direct kick to reverse the score. When the first half ended, the away team was 2 to 1 takes the lead.




Just beginning of the second half, the player Xie Peng from Jiangsu Suning has pull down Hulk during his attack, received the second yellow card was suspended by red card then after. More than one man fight of Shanghai SIPG ,to replace Yu Hai and Wei Shihao to enhance the attack, and in the 79’ minute, Wei Shihao break through the penalty area to received a penalty kick for the team. Hulk scored the goal, which was his 17th goal in this season, to draw the score. But fortunately, in the 86’ minute opponent player Moukandjo to attack back and scored the goal.




The game was over, Shanghai SIPG lost by 2 to 3 in home game, unfortunately, it was not able to finish the super league this season with victory.




The match for Shanghai SIPG in this season are not ended, the team shall continue to fight for the CFA cup. On the 19th and 26th November, Shanghai SIPG will first to play away then home game, to compete against Shanghai Greenland Shenhua in the CFA cup final.




Xie Hui ( Assistant coach of Shanghai SIPG)


The two teams gave a great game to the fans.We're not very lucky,the opponent has three opportunities,only three times in the range of the door frame, all of them has scored the goal.On the contrary, we have so many opportunities, but only scored two goals. We didn’t held the opponent down in home game, but the football is like this,if you don't take advantage, you'll be sure to win,today is a very typical example.We need to go back and make a good summary,in particular, how to deal with the intensive defense of opponents,how to break a “big bus”.


In this season, the number of goals we have scored and lost, and on the rank table was still come out top, this is a very good season. Of course, some of the part we can do better, maybe our results will be better in the league.


Over the next three weeks, our focus is on the CFA cup.I hope we can win the championship in Shanghai,get the first trophy in the history for the club.There should be a warm-up game for the preparation period,now the warm-up match is still in contact.


Capello (Head coach of Jiangsu Suning):This is a very exciting game,The two teams showed a very strong desire to win. In the first half, we were experience from falling behind to lead the score,In the second half, we have lack of one person and difficult to win the game.


Appearance List

GK: Yan Junling

DF: Shi ke(62’Yu Hai), Wei Zhen(46’He Guan), Carvalho, Wang Shenchao

MF: Zhang Yi(73’Wei Shihao), Cai Huikang, Oscar

FW: Hulk, Lv Wenjun, Wu Lei


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