The Flames. Received first victory for CSL, Shanghai SIPG held down Tianjin Teda by 3:1




Tonight, Shanghai SIPG expecting their fist league of CSL for the new season. At Kunshan stadium, Shanghai SIPG beat Tianjin Teda for 3:1 new player Lopez in his first appearance scored two goals.

Formation: 5-3-2, First Show of the league for New Players Lopez and Maitijiang


In this match, head coach Pereira arranged the 532 formation, sent up four foreign players, U23 player was given to Chen Binbin who play as the left DF. Oscar, Akhmedov and new player Mitijiang appear as MF, the FW are Brazilian combination of Hulk and Lopez, the Austrian international football player Arnautovic was stand by as substitute.

Lopez catches the eye, SIPG makes a turn over to win the match


In the first half, Tianjin Teda scored their first goal in the 6’ minute, Ronghao play out a direct free kick against the ground, to break the goal of Shanghai SIPG.  After missing several scoring opportunities, Shanghai SIPG finally equalized the score. In the 40’ minute, pass the ball to Tianjin Teda’s penalty area, Wang Shengchao speed up to receive the ball then scored the goal which exceed the it. Shanghai SIPG entered the half-time with a score of 2:1.


In the second half, SIPG use U23 player Wei Zhen to replace Chen Binbin, Yu Hai changed his position to play in the left. In the 64’ minute, SIIPG scored another goal to lock the success. Akhmedov took a long pass to Lopez who stand behind the defend line of Tianjin Teda. After that, SIPG continue to change the players, which use up all 5 players.


After that none of these teams has continue to score goals, finally SIPG makes a turn over to win the match by 3:1, which received the first victory.


The next match will be on the 2nd August @ 18:00 pm, to compete against Hebei China Fortune.



Pereira:The result of first match is good

At the press conference after the game, Shanghai SIPH head coach Pereira said that the team's performance in the first half was not good.“The game started with lost a goal, the opponent's first goal made us lose a little balance, therefore the players on the field were impatient, and they made more mistakes in passing and cooperation, they also failed to control the gap after Teda’s foreign player Acheampong stepped in and was threatened by him. But our own attack in the first half use the gap behind the opponent, as well as the front field cooperation which we have not use it.”

However, Pereira was satisfied with the team's final victory. “In the second half, it's really hard to maintain the intensity of the game under such weather conditions. We created a lot of scoring opportunities and scored the third goal. The result of the first game is good. After all, this is the first game of the year for CSL. In the game, we were a bit impatient, but it was normal for the first game of the league. I'm still happy that the team tried to score goals and got three points in the end. I'm very satisfied.”

Pereira also commented on the performance of new player Lopez, "Lopez played a high-quality game, he is strong, fast, and he is a very good player, that is why we introduced him, he has the conditions to make a one-on-one breakthrough, but also very good use of the gap behind the defense, the ability to take the ball is also good."

"I don't have any doubt about the result of this game. The opponent won the game and they performed better," said Stielike, the head coach of Tianjin Teda. All of our players have done their best and performed well. I think we are facing a very mature team, not only the number of foreign players, and they have play with the team for many years, and the individual ability is outstanding. We will not lose confidence because of today's defeat, but will gain confidence because of today's game and performance. "


GK: Yan Junling

DF: Chen Binbin ( 46’ Wei Zhen); Yu Hai, Shi Ke, Fu Huan ( 72’ Lyu Wenjun); Wang Shengchao

MF:Maitijiang ( 80’ Lin Chuangyi); Oscar; Akhmedov( 68’ Arnautovic)

FW: Lopez ( 80’ Li Shenglong); Hulk



The four talent team of U19、U17、U15、U13 of the club are watching the match at their base of Oriental Land together, cheering up for the big brothers on the pitch. 

The U16 (national sports team) who was training in Kunming also watched the game in the video classroom in Kunming, these young players focused on watching their idols playing on the field, and looking forward to their own dreams tomorrow, to make sure they are moving in the right direction.

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