The Flames. Shanghai SIPG beat Dalian Yifang by 3-0, Pereira confirm Li Shenglong as the key player




Tonight, in the 27th round of CSL, Shanghai SIPG beat Dalian Yifang 3-0 at home. Shanghai SIPG, which won the League three times in a row, ranked at second place, and the difference between Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao who is the leader has reduced to 1 point.

Shanghai SIPG continue its same set-up from the previous round


In this game, Shanghai SIPG head coach Pereira used the same starting lineup when they beat Beijing Guoan 2-0 in away game from the previous round. In the four DF set-up, He Guan and Shi Ke serve as the central defenders, Yu Hai and Wang Shengchao play as left and right defenders; the MF is Akhmedov, Cai Huikang and Oscar; at the line of attack is led by Hulk, Li Shenglong and Lyu Wenjun. Austrian FW Arnautovic is back from injury and is on standby sitting on the substitution bench.

Li Shenglong as bottle opener


In the first half of the match, Li Shenglong, the local FW who play very well recently for the team, opened the record in the 13 minute. He received Lyu Wenjun's straight passing and scored in the penalty area, which was also his goal in the Chinese Super League for three consecutive games. This season, Li Shenglong has scored seven league goals, which create a new height in his career.


In the 25 minute, Shanghai SIPG expanded the score. Oscar's free kick from the front court, Dalian Yifang defender Zhou Ting made a mistake, create own goal for their team. At the end of the first half, Shanghai took a 2-0 lead at home.


In the second half, Shanghai SIPG continued to put pressure on their opponent. In the 74 minute, after head coach Pereira replaced Hulk with Arnautovic, the set-up of the team changed to five defenders.


During the additional time period, Shanghai SIPG launch a quick counterattack, Oscar and Arnautovic played a continuous cooperation, and finally, Arnautovic assisted Oscar to score the third goal of the game.


Next, the Chinese Super League will enter the break again because of the World Cup Asian preliminary. The next match in Shanghai is on the 23rd November, for the 28th round of Chinese Super League to play against Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao in away game.



Pereira:Thanks to the players, thanks to the supporters

At the press conference after the game, Shanghai SIPG head coach Pereira was very satisfied with the performance of the players, "I think everyone played very well in this game. In the first half, we put a lot of pressure on the opponent, especially in the area of closing down; in the second half, we gave the opponent some space and let the opponent pass easily. In fact, we created a lot of opportunities in the game, especially before the third goal, if we make it, the result may be different. Of course, the 3-0 score is also very good. Thank you to the players, to the supporters, and to all the people who support us. Next, the team will get some time to rest, and they can spend time with their families, after that to prepare for the next phase of the game.

Pereira also praised Li Shenglong, who opened the record for the first time in the game: "Li Shenglong has the spirit I want it, and now the players who need to work out the most at this stage, which can be reflected on Li Shenglong. He can also score goals and has a sense of smell in the penalty area as a forwarder. I think he deserves the chance to play, he has been training hard in all season and fighting for the team on the pitch to the end.

With regarding to the situation of championship, Pereira said the same as before, "we will fight at all time and try our best to get the championship. Although the process is not simple, but we will try our best to do it. "

After the game, Benitez, the head coach of Dalian Yifang has said that the main reason for the lost was that the team didn't seize the opportunity. "us and our opponent both have the chance to score goals, so this is a very risky game, but we didn't make it, but the opponent scored goals. I'm still satisfied with the team's performance in the second half. Everyone tries hard to play, put pressure on the opponent and want it to score. Next, we will continue to play hard for rest of the games.


GK: Yan Junling

DF: Wang Shengchao; He Guan; Shi Ke; Yu Hai

MF: Akhmedov; Cai Huikang( 90 Li Chuangyi); Oscar

FW: Li Shenglong; Hulk ( 74 Arnautovic); Lyu Wenjun ( 64 Chen Binbin)



Today, as the no. 42 honorary supporter of the club, Wu Shengqi, the singer of the team, interacted with tens of thousands of enthusiastic supporters from Shanghai SIPG. Suddenly, the voice of " OLEOLE Shanghai SIPG" surrounded at the Shanghai stadium!


At the same time, there are also a group of special supporters who are the mentally disable people from Sunshine Garden, Songnan Town, Baoshan District. In order to let them go out of their homes, integrate into the society and ignite their dreams, the Shanghai SIPG football club, together with Shanghai Jinjiang Taxi Co., Ltd., especially carried out this public welfare activity for them to watch the game.


With the help of Shanghai SIPG Football Club, Jinjiang taxi company and many fans, these special supporters are not only feeling the charm of football, but also deeply feel the care and warmth of all aspects of society. "No football, no public welfare", I hope they can build up their self-confidence to better integrate into the society with the help from football, and achieve their dreams.

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