The Flames. Regretful missed out semi-finals for AFC league, will strive for better performance in the next season




Tonight, in the second round of the Asian Championship Quarter-Final, Shanghai SIPG drew 1-1 in away game with Japan's J-League team Urawa Red Diamonds. In the two rounds, both sides drew 3:3, and Shanghai SIPG failed to qualify for the semi-finals because of one goal less in away game.

Two foreign players and Four Defenders appear in the first line-up


Due to Hulks suspension and Akhmedov's injury, Shanghai SIPG head coach Pereira has arranged two foreign players in the starting line-up. In formation, the team adopted a four DF position. He Guan to partnered with Shi Ke as center DFs, the left and right DF were Yu Hai and Wang Shengchao. The three midfielders are Yang Shiyuan, Cai Huikang and Oscar. On the attack line, Arnautovic is place in the center, while on both sides are Lyu Wenjun and Li Shenglong.

Miss one goal in away game


After the start of the competition, Shanghai SIPG was attack actively, and Urawa Red Diamonds also made threats by counterattack. In the 24 minute, Shanghai SIPG midfielder Yang Shiyuan accidentally sprained his knee and had to leave early. Lin Chuangyi came on as a substitute.


In the 39 minute, Urawa Red Diamonds FW Shinzo Koroki received the ball from the left, headed the ball in. At the end of the first half, Shanghai SPG was temporarily 0:1 behind.


In the second half, Shanghai SIPG changed its position to 343, trying to enhance the attack and let it go. In the 60 minute, Shanghai SIPG equalized the score, Wang Shengchao received the ball from Yu Hai, then he shot the ball into the goal.


After that, Shanghai SIPG continued to attack hard, hoping to score the second goal to help them get the promotion, but finally failed to rewrite the score.


Although Shanghai SIPG drew equally with Urawa Red Diamonds in both rounds, they regretted that they were unable to qualify for the semi-finals of the Asian Championship this season because of less away goals.

Shanghai SIPG will play against Henan Jianye at home on the 22nd September ( Sunday) for the 25th round of CSL league. 



Pereira:The players has did their best

Regarding progress of the match, Shanghai SIPG head coach Pereira said: "20 minutes before the first half, we did a good job, which did not give the opponent a comfortable chance to transfer the ball, and they did not have a long pass. The opponents 343 formation has to steal their center-backs, not give them the chance to pass long and move to the weak side easily. We should say that we have done well. Twenty-five minutes later, the other side has improved, they played behind us several times and scored goals. At half-time, we made adjustments to make trouble for our opponent in the second half. After we scored, the opponent was in a panic, but we didn't take advantage of the continuous corner kick opportunities. The players played very hard on the pitch and I was satisfied with their performance. They were doing their best to change the situation on the pitch. Ultimately, because of the 3-3 total score and away goals, we were eliminated, which is also part of football.

Pereira also said that the team encountered many difficulties before the game, including the absence of Hulk and Akhmedov. "In fact, Shi Ke also had a fever before the game, before the opening of last minute to confirm that he can play, and his performance is also very good. Yang Shiyuan is a player who can make aggressive attack after losing the ball. He is suitable for high position attack tactics, but he also regrets leaving early. However, Lin Chuangyi also played a good game. Although the result is sad, but the team's spirit still let me feel relieved, there is nothing to complain about, because the team really did its best to promote.

Finally, Pereira thanks to the supporters who came from a long way: "Thanks to all of you who came to Japan, they have cheered for us. During the next season, we will strive for better performance together, and we have reason to do better next season, this year is definitely some weakness exist.

Urawa Red Diamonds head coach OTSUKI Tsuyoshi said at the press conference,that the team has played a good game, and the FW seized the opportunity to score, "Our players performed very well, we all united and won the qualification through hard work."


GKYan Junling

DF: Wang Shengchao; He Guan; Shi Ke( 72 Fu Huan); Yu Hai

MF: Yang Shiyuan ( 26 Lin Chuangyi); Cai Huikang ( 66 Zhang Wei); Oscar

FW: Li Shenglong; Arnautovic; Lyu Wenjun

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