The Flames. Shanghai SIPG held Wuhan Zall to a draw in away game, Arna’s first time appearance in starting line-up and scored one goal



In the 20th round of the CSL game tonight, Shanghai SIPG held Wuhan Zall to a 1-1 draw, and Arnautovic represent the team for the first time to appear in the starting line-up and scored one goal.


Arnautovic first time to appear in the starting line-up


Arnautovic, a new player of Shanghai SIPG, joined the team for the first time to appear in the starting line-up, himself and Hulk which positioned on the attack line. Besides this Zhang Wei, Wei Zhen and Akhmedov take turns to rest; Chen Binbin as U23 player plays as left wing MF, the right wing MF is Wang Shengchao; Lin Chuangyi partner with Lyu Wenjun and Oscar in the midfield; the team's three center DF are He Guan, Yu Hai and Shi Ke.

Arnautovic scored one goal, but unfortunately the team received a drawn in away game


Only three minutes after the game, the home team Wuhan Zall scored a goal by Liu Yun, and Shanghai SIPG was temporarily 0:1 behind.


In the 23’ minute, Shanghai SIPG drawn the score, Hulk's right 45-degree shot went into the penalty area, and Arnautovic grabbed the defender's body and scored with a shovel. The Austrian player scored in both CSL games.

At the end of the first half, Evrard the FW of Wuhan Zall has missed two chances, one time was saved by Shanghai SIPG GK Yan Junling, the other time was hit the ball on the goal post. At the end of half-time, the two teams drew 1-1 temporarily.


In the second half, Shanghai SIPG replaced the injured Arnautovic with Akhmedov. Both teams played hard and stubbornly in such a hot weather. Shanghai SIPG got a chance to attack by a corner kick. Unfortunately, Yu Hai head the ball on the net and bounce out.


Finally, Shanghai SIPG received a draw in this away game.

The team's next game is on the 3rd August ( Saturday ), for the 21st round of the CSL to compete against Tianjin Tianhai at home.



PereiraThe next task is to adjust as soon as possible

Speaking of the draw at the post-match press conference, Shanghai SIPG head coach Pereira said: "We played three away games, it’s one after another, in today's weather conditions, plus our fatigue, it is difficult to win. At the end, we didn't lose the game at all but got one point. Our next focus is to adjust as soon as possible to strive for the next three points. As you can see, at the end of the day, in such a humid weather, the players are exhausted, but the objective schedule is out of our control.”

Pereira also said that the team took four points less than what we expected in the three away games. "Of course, in such weather conditions, it seems that this is an impossible task, because the players are not machines. Although these three games have not lost, but our goal and idea are to win every game.”

Regarding the 4- point gaps between Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao and the team, Pereira said: "This is a reality, we still have many competitions to play, but also depends on what happens in the remaining competitions."

Pereira also revealed that the reason for replacing Arnautovic at half-time was that he was injured. "He was a little injured, and I will talk to the medical team about whether it will affect the next game."

After the match, the head coach of Wuhan Zall Li Tie thanks to the supporters who came to the stadium to cheer up for the team in such a hot weather. He said: "The atmosphere of the supporters is quite good and they have contributed a lot which make us can draw with the opponent. I also would like to thanks to the players for their efforts. They did their best and everyone was 100% involved in the game. It's also very important for us to get one point, and it’s a step for us to keep on moving forward.”


GK: Yan Junling

DF: Shi Ke; He Guan; Yu Hai

MF: Wang Shengchao; Lyu Wenjun ( 82’ Zhang Yi); Lin Chuangyi ( 68’ Li Shenglong); Oscar; Chen Binbin

FW: Hulk; Arnautovic ( 46’ Akhmedov)

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