The Flames. Shanghai SIPG eliminate Guangzhou Evergrande 2:0 in away game, qualify to the semi-final of CFA Cup




Tonight, In the quarter-finals of the CFA Cup this season, Shanghai SIPG won 2-0 in away game with Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao, and qualify for the semi-finals with Hulk and Oscar who scored one goal each.

In addition, the semi-finals of the CFA Cup have also been drawn tonight. Shanghai SIPG will play against Shandong Luneng at home. The competition is still a one game set for win and lose. The exact time has not yet been determined and is expected to be between 20th and 22nd August.

Akhmedov appear in the starting line-up, Lyu Wenjun return from injury


Shanghai SIPG head coach Pereira has adjusted the team's starting line-up compared to the CSL.

The three first foreign players were Hulk, Oscar and Akhmedov, who took break last Sunday. In the position of center-back, Shi Ke rotated with Yu Hai and Pereira arranged Wei Zhen, the U23 player. In addition, Lyu Wenjun, who had been absent for more than two months from a broken arm, finally recovered and returned to the main line-up.

Shanghai SIPG made some small adjustments on the position, Oscar appeared in the attack line and partner with Hulk, and Lyu Wenjun play as MF.

Three foreign player locks the victory


In the first half, two teams attacked and defended each other, then Shanghai SIPG scored in the 14’minute. Lyu Wenjun crossed on the left and Hulk headed the goal from the middle. At the end of half-time, Shanghai SIPG was 1:0 ahead of Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao.


In the second half, Shanghai SIPG replaced Lyu Wenjun with Lin Chuangyi, who had just returned, then Akhmedov replaced with Arnautovic. Hope to suppress the opponent's attack, such tactical arrangements have definitely received results.


In the 75’ minute, three foreign players of Shanghai SIPG played brilliant cooperation on the pitch. Arnautovic assist Hulk, then he dribbled the ball to the penalty area and passed it skillfully. Oscar was shot successfully in empty net, locking the victory for Shanghai SIPG.


After winning two goals over Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao, Shanghai SIPG received the qualification for the semi-finals of the CFA Cup which will play against Shandong Luneng, which they have eliminated Beijing Guoan.


Shanghai SIPG will then travel directly from Guangzhou to Wuhan, where they will face Wuhan Zall in away game for the 20thb round of the CSL on this Sunday.



Pereira:Deserve victory and qualify to the next round

At the press conference after the game, the head coach of Shanghai SIPG Pereira first congratulated his players on their victory. "On the second day after the game in Chongqing, we arrived in Guangzhou after an eight-hour long journey due to flight delays, it's very bad for the player’s physical recovery, and our opponent have one more day of rest than us. To be sure, the players showed a compact formation in the game, as well as the execution of the coach's tactics. I think we deserve victory and promotion. I am satisfied with the performance of the players, and I am glad that the supporters have given us great support, and this victory is dedicated to them.”

Compared to the league which we have lost to opponent at home, Pereira said: "that game has more possession, more emphasis on attack, we have more chances to score, but we did not make it happen. Today, our opponent had more possession, but we scored two goals at the end. Both are very good teams, with the same level, which is why there is only 2-point gap in the league table. As for the CFA cup, everyone has possibility to win.”

How to deal with the intensive schedule, Pereira said: "We will insist on proper rotation, everyone should be ready to help the team. I'm very satisfied with the team's mental appearance at the moment, everyone wants to help the team to win. What I need to do now is to keep every player in good physical and mental condition.”

"For the second goal, the process was very good and the goal was completed." Pereira commented on the performance of three foreign players on the pitch. "Arna is not in his best physical condition at the moment, and he's trying very hard to help the team. He is a very important player and hopefully he can recover as soon as possible. Hulk and Oscar are in good condition today, and I'm very satisfied that they can show such a good state in such a tough circumstance.”

Pereira finally added Akhmedov, "I also would like to thanks to Akhmedov. He started well and showed a good mental appearance.”

Regarding Lyu Wenjun, who recovered from injury and played half of the game, Pereira has said: "Because of the injury, he has rested for a long time, his physical condition decided that he could only play 45 minutes, but his performance was satisfactory to me."

Finally, instead of looking forward to the battle, Pereira talked about the way the coaching team works. "When you work in a big club, you can understand that after we won the CSL champion last year, we hope to make breakthroughs in more competitions. I'm not a big fan of anticipation. I prefer the team to show real ability on the pitch. The game needs to be played one at a time, that's the most important thing. My focus will always be on the next game, not on winning. My way of working is to focus on the next opponent and strive victory.”

The head coach of Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Cannavaro believes that the injury of two players in the first half has affected the team's tactical deployment, "Shanghai SIPG is a strong team, even if we have a complete line-up, there is win or lose, so such an unexpected impact will be a disaster. There were some irresistible factors in the game, and it felt like we were playing away game. This is not to say who is to be criticized or blamed. As far as football is concerned, the game has been interrupted too much.”

The reasons for loss, Cannavaro thought it was very simple: "The first half we let the opponent scored a goal, the second half by the opponent counter-attack scored another goal. We have made too many mistakes that we shouldn't make, and after we fall behind, we have made too many long passes which was all meaningful. In fact, every short pass and infiltration on the pitch creates opportunities. Most importantly, we are not in a stable mood at the critical moment, not very calm.


GK: Yan Junling

DF: Wei Zhen; He Guan; Shi Ke

MF: Wang Shengchao; Akhmedov (55’ Arnautovic); Cai Huikang; Lyu Wenjun ( 46’ Lin Chuangyi); Zhang Wei

FW: Hulk ( 82’ Li Shenglong); Oscar

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