The Flames. Shanghai SIPG scored three goals to beat Hebei China Fortune at home, expecting three away game from Sunday




The 18th round of CSL continues to play tonight, Shanghai SIPG winning 3-0 at home with Hebei China Fortune. Chen Binbin, Hulk and Oscar, each of them has scored one goal.

U23 to rotate in the starting line-up, Arna didnt enter the list


Shanghai SIPG head coach Pereira has made some adjustments to the team's starting list. The first U23 player in this match is Chen Binbin, who serves as the left MF. On the defend line, Yu Hai is back from injury to formed three DF with He Guan and Shi Ke. In other positions, Shanghai SIPG was remaining the same as the previous match. The team's new signing player Arnautovic which did not appear in the big list of 18 players, but he watched the game in the VIP room.

Chen Binbin scored first goal in the career at the first team


Shanghai SIPG has the advantage to take dominate on the pitch, as well as Hebei China Fortune who is the guest to play very actively.

The deadlock was broken in the 39 minute, when Wang Shengchao and the opposing player scrambled for the ball, Chen Binbin followed and shot with one foot. It was also Chen Binbin's first official match goal for the first team in his career.

At the end of first half, Shanghai SIPG was 1:0 ahead of the opponent.


In the second half, Shanghai SIPGs counter-attack against was very threatening, but missed several chances to expand the score.

In the 84 minute, Shanghai SIPG finally scored the winning goal, after Hulk use high-speed dribble the ball into the penalty area, the score was rewritten to 2:0 with his low shot.


In the 86 minute, Oscar directly launched a counter-attack after stopping the ball. He entered into the penalty area and scored calmly to help Shanghai SIPG scored another goal.


After taking home with three points, Shanghai SIPG remained in the championship group for this season. The next league for the team is on Sunday's away game to play against Chongqing Dangdai Lifan.


PereiraWe controlled the game very well


In the post-match press conference, Shanghai SIPG head coach Pereira praised the team's performance. "In this game, we controlled well, scored three goals, in fact, there are more chances to score. The opponent is a very good team and the players are good, so a goal lead is not enough to end the game with confidence. Later, we scored a second goal, of course, we had many chances before the second goal, but we didn't turn into goals. After 2:0, the opponent's formation was more forward-pressing and gave us space, so there was a third goal. I am very satisfied with the players performance on the pitch, they are full of fighting spirit and the weather is so hot and humid. I am also satisfied with the final score, because we have a very good control over the game.

Speaking of the three teams in the current championship group, the competition between them are still going on, Pereira believes that Shanghai SIPG will not focus on other teams. "We just put attention on us, we have our own goals. Next is three away games, the schedule is very tough, so everyone needs to be ready for the next game and cope with it.

Pereira also said that because the game is very intense, so he will insist on a certain rotation, "through rotation to maintain the team's relatively high level of competitiveness. Tomorrow, we will start preparing for the next game. Some players need to recover and others may take over. After all, we should concentrate on our target, keep the formation compact, try to seize the opportunities for goals, and defense should strive for not to miss goals, and everyone strive to get three points.

"Currently, Chen Binbin have making some improvements. His attitude is more serious now, and he can play at his level more steadily in every match. Pereira also commented on Chen Binbin, who scored the first goal in the first team. "I've always told him that it's important to be brave to enter the penalty area as a side player in a match, you just have to shoot and score. Today, his goal was very beautiful and he deserved it. Because, through his own efforts, he seized the opportunity of performance. He has a better mentality, better continuity, have ability to attack and defend, which is the most important thing. I hope he can keep going

Xie Feng, the head coach of Hebei China Fortune, said after the match that the overall strength of the Shanghai SIPG was definitely stronger than his team. "Our team did a good job in defending at the first half, but opponent like Shanghai SIPG, we can make any mistakes. Unfortunately, our own mistake caused us miss the first goal. I really envy Shanghai SIPG, they have good foreign players, not every opportunity can create opportunities. We will summarize and play well in the following matches. Now for us, every game is very important.


GK: Yan Junling

DF: Shi Ke; He Guan; Yu Hai

MF: Wang Shengchao ( 90 Hu Jinghang); Yang Shiyuan; Akhmedov ( 80 Cai Huikang); Oscar; Chen Binbin ( 80 Wei Zhen)

FW: Hulk; Li Shenglong



At the glorious moment, we have invited Li Wenjie from King's Supporter Club. In 2017, she was occasionally attracted by the cheers of Shanghai Stadium, since that she has become a member of the big family of Shanghai SIPG. She is engaged in special education rehabilitation industry, helping many children who needs care.

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