The Flames. Shanghai SIPG edged out Shenzhen FC 1-0 in away game, expecting Derby on Saturday




Tonight, Shanghai SIPG ended last game for the first half of the season, edge out Shenzhen FC 1-0 in away game, which Oscar has scored one goal.

Two U23 player appear in the starting line-up


In this match, the head coach of the Shanghai SIPGG Pereira has made some adjustments to the starting line-up. In the left position, Chen Binbin replaced Zhang Wei who play in the previous AFC to the final stage of additional time; Hulk, Oscar and Akhmedov were used as the three foreign players, while Li Shenglong appeared in the forward line to partner with Hulk; on the other hand, Wei Zhen, the central MF who continued to appear in the starting line-up, and Shanghai SIPG has put two U23 players into the line-up.

Oscar contribute the winning goal


Shanghai SIPG got a good chance of penalty kick at the beginning of the first half, at that time, Li Shenglong was scooped from behind by Shenzhen FC player in the penalty area. The chief referee made a penalty by watching the video.


Unfortunately, Hulks penalty kick was saved by Goalkeeper Guo Wei of Shenzhen FC. After the first half of the game, Shanghai SIPG still got many chances, including Oscar's header and kick was good opportunity, but was also saved by the goalkeeper of opponent. The two teams entered the halftime with a 0-0 score.


At the beginning of the second half, Shanghai SIPG made a change to the players, and Zhang Wei was replaced Chen Binbin.


In the 49 minute, Zhang Wei pass the ball to Oscar and the Brazilian midfielder run into the penalty area with a high-speed dribble, pushing the goal calmly.


Since then, Shenzhen FC who was falling behind has enhance their attack, frequently play high ball in the penalty area, Shanghai SIPG was kept defending. Wei Zhen, the central defender, was hit by a head-breaking accident, and an ambulance at the stadium sent him directly to the hospital for treatment


At the end, Shanghai SIPG held on to one goal-leading victory and received three precious points in away game. And narrowed the gap between the two teams to 2 points with Beijing Guoan, which they have lost in away game.


It is to be mention that the supporters of Shanghai SIPG, under such hot weather in Shenzhen, was loudly cheered up for the team during the whole match, they provided the motivation and spiritual support for the players on the pitch.


Tomorrow, the team will return to Shanghai after a week of away tour. On the 6th July (Saturday), Shanghai SIPG will compete against Shanghai Greenland Shenhua for the 16th round of CSL at home.



PereiraThanks for the players with their great strength

At the press conference after the match, head coach of Shanghai SIPG Pereira said that, as expected before the match, we must show great strength to win the game. "We are very tired after the AFC league and the match is very tough, I would like to thanks to the players for their fighting spirit which helped us to finally get three points, which is very important for us."


Pereira also summarized the team's performance in the first half of the league. "If you look at our injuries in the first half, you know how difficult it is for us. The team has entered the eighth-finals for the AFC, and still need to play for the CSL and CFA Cup, it is very tiring for us, at present, this achievement is the result which we have united together to overcome the difficulties. Everyone in the team is playing hard, I am very satisfied with the performance of our players and very proud of them."


On the question of Hulk being replaced earlier, Pereira said: "Because he played a high-level game in the AFC recently, and today he is trying very hard to help the team, but it is very difficult to play two games in such a short time, and its a long journey for us to come to Shenzhen. This is normal, as a great captain, he's a model player and always professional. He will understand that decision. Just like Elkeson, who did not play today, everyone's energy is limited. We played a high- level game in Korea, and it's not enough to recover in a short time. Today, I am very satisfied with the spirit and their performance.


Caro, the head coach of Shenzhen FC has said after the match that, he was not happy with the final result and was not satisfied because the players efforts on the pitch was not reward back.


GK: Yan Junling

DF: Wei Zhen ( 90 Lei Wenjie); He Guan; Shi Ke

MF: Wang Shengchao; Yang Shiyuan; Akhmedov; Oscar; Chen Binbin ( 46 Zhang Wei)

FW: Hulk; ( 69 Lin Chuangyi); Li Shenglong

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