The Flames. Pereira burst into tears, the supporters cheered up: Shanghai SIPG fight for 120 mins, enter the eighth-final of AFC




Tonight, in the 2nd round of the AFC 1/8 final at the Jeonju World Cup Stadium, Shanghai SIPG won Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors in away battle and qualify to the eighth- finals of AFC.


At the beginning of the game, the expeditionary army sang the National Anthem, waved the flags and shouted, to give full support until the last moment. The National Anthem and the "overwhelming" momentum reverberated throughout the stadium and affected every player in the team.


This victory is inseparable from the struggle and progress of every player on the field, as well as our supporters came from all the way to support, and the persistence of all supporters for Shanghai SIPG.

Four Foreign Player enter the list, Two positions has changed


The head coach of Shanghai SIPG Pereira has included four foreign players, Hulk, Oscar, Elkeson and Akhmedov in the list of the starting player. Compared with the first round of the two teams in a week ago, Shanghai SIPG made two changes: Zhang Wei replaced Yu Hai, who was absent due to injury as the left MF and Yang Shiyuan replaced Cai Huikang as the center MF.

Fight Until the Penalty Battle, Won at the Last Minute


Shanghai SIPG took the lead in scoring during the first half. Unfortunately, after Hulks breakthrough, the shot hit on the post and popped up, then Wang Shengchaos follow-up shot was also missed and out of the boundary.

In the 26 minute, the home team Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors breaks the deadlock on the field, Kim Shin-Wook received the ball in the penalty area, turns to shoot the goal. In the first half, Shanghai SIPG was temporarily 0:1 behind in the away battle.


In the second half, Shanghai SIPG played a tough but keep targeting on the football, frequently threatening the opponent's goal.

In the 72 minute, Hulk's shot was refused by the goalpost again. After the team reorganized the attack, Oscar's close shot was slightly higher than the net.


In the 79 minute, Shanghai SIPG finally equalized the score. Oscar crossed from the right to the back, Elkeson headed the ferry, Hulk then shot hardly, to change the score into 1-1.

The total score of the two teams has also changed to 2-2, and the number of goals scored in away game is 1. The score was also maintained until the end of the 90 minutes of the game, which has entered a cruel additional time.


During the 120 minutes of additional time, the competition between the two teams was very fierce. Shanghai SIPG had a chance to win at the last moment, but the unfortunately, Hulk hit on the goal frame for the third time in the game.

After that, the player from Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors Seon-min Mun was given a red card by the referee for beating Li Shenglong from Shanghai SIPG after being convicted of a foul.


There is no goal during additional time, the game has entered a more brutal battle of penalty shoot. Before the penalty shoot, Hulk mobilized all his teammates, hoping that everyone must be confident and concentrate, even if one did not score, just concentrate for the next one.

As expected, Captain Hulk took the lead and scored the first penalty steadily, while Yan Junling, the national goalkeeper, bravely saved the first penalty kick from Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FW Lee Dong-Gook.


After that, Elkeson, Akhmeov, Wang Shengchao and Oscar are all played well, helping Shanghai SIPG to win the penalty shoot and successfully qualify for the eighth-final of this season's AFC.

The draw for the eighth-final of AFC will be held next month. The other three East Asian teams are Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao, Urawa Red Diamonds and Kashima Antlers.



PereiraI shed some happy tears

"It's a battle between two strong team, it's a very tough game. I am very happy with the result and proud of my players performance. "I think we have shown great mental strength today," Shanghai SIPG head coach Pereira said at a post-match press conference. As a team, we all work together. It's not easy to qualify for such a difficult away game. We fought until the last minute and we deserved to be promoted."

Pereira also talked about his tears after the team has been promoted, "I'm a man of temperament. When I saw the team working together to achieve their goals, I have suddenly thinking of many people, including my family, and those who were not there which I would like to thank for. I really feel a lot, it's not easy, under such emotions, my tears are joyful and exciting."

The captain of Shanghai SIPG, Hulk said after the match: "The two strong team playing against each other, every elimination is a final for us. The home game was tied, so the away game will not be easy. After one goal behind, each of us did our best and all of us fight together to win the game. Everyone is deserved to enjoy the joy of qualification. Next, we should take a break to prepare for the CSL and CFA Cup. As you know, to win champions for both CSL and AFC are our goals.

Hulk also revealed that a poster he saw on the social media before the game which has inspired him. "It painted me very small, and Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors was a giant. I found it very interesting and very motivating. We are confident to score goals, to knock out the opponent, and the coach has spoon-fed such confidence in us.


GKYan Junling

DF: Wei Zhen ( 67 Li Shenglong); He Guan; Shi Ke

MF: Wang Shengchao; Akhmedov; Yang Shiyuan ( 117 Cai Huikang); Oscar; Zhang Wei ( 112 Chen Binbin)

FW: Elkeson; Hulk

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