The Flames. Shanghai SIPG won 3-0 against Renhe, Shi Ke expecting his 100 matches for CSL




In the 14th round of CSL match tonight, Shanghai SIPG won 3-0 at home against Beijing Renhe. Oscar contributed a goal and an assistant, Li Shenglong and Elkeson each of them scored one goal, Wang Shengchao sent out two assists.

Small adjustment for starting line-up


In this match, the captain of Shanghai SIPG Hulk, has accumulated four yellow cards which he couldn’t play for the match., head coach Pereira has made some adjustments to the starting line-up


The three center-back players in the defend line are Yu Hai, Shi Ke and Wang Shengchao; Zhang Wei changed to play at the right and left position was U23 player Chen Binbin; Yang Shiyuan, Cai Huikang and Akhmedov are the midfielders; Oscar played alongside with Elkeson on the attack line.


This match is the 100 CSL match for Shi Ke, as the center-back player to play for the club. Shi Ke who is 26 years old this year, was transferred to Shanghai SIPG from Zhejiang Greentown, as a domestic player before the start of the 2015 season. For more than four seasons, Shi Ke has been an important player in the team. Before the match, Zhang Min, chairman of Shanghai SIPG Football Club, presented him with a memorial T-shirt for playing more than 100 matches.

In the second half, Oscar scored one goal and make one assist


Less than a minute after the opening, Beijing Renhe scored the goal, but after looking back through the VAR, the ball was disallowed because the player of Beijing Renhe was handball at the first place.


In the first half of the match, although Shanghai SIPG took the initiative, but it failed to break through the opponent's goal. The latest attack from the team for the goal took place is in the 36’ minute. After Elkeson enter the penalty area, his shot was hit on the post and bounced out. Oscar followed up with the supplementary shot to hit higher. At the end of half-match, the two teams drew 0-0 temporarily.


In the second half, Shanghai SIPG made a change as soon as they came up. Li Shenglong has replaced Cai Huikang, and Oscar returned to the midfield to organize the attack. Shanghai SIPG has breaking the deadlock in the 55’ minute, Wang Shengchao headed at the edge to assist in the penalty area, Oscar then turned and volleyed to score. In the 65’ minute, Wang Shengchao sent an assistant in the penalty area again, and Li Shenglong calmly hit the ball into the opponent's goal. In the 69’ minute, Shanghai SIPG continued to score and Oscar quickly to assist Elkeson in front of the goal post and make him scored.


At the end of game, Yu Hai was unable to play because of injury, but due to the number of three replacements for Shanghai SIPG has full, he has to insist on playing for rest of the game in case of ten players.


The next match for Shanghai SIPG will be taking place on next Wednesday in away game for the eighth finals of ACL. Then the team will go to Shenzhen, to play against Shenzhen FC for the 15th round of CSL.

Keep Practice Until Exceed the Limitations, The Backbone On the Defend Line


On the 22nd June, the 14th round of the CSL, Shanghai SIPG compete against Beijing Renhe in Shanghai stadium. This match is the 100 CSL match for Shi Ke to play for his team.


Shi Ke who is 26 this year, was transferred to Shanghai SIPG from Zhejiang Greentown as a domestic player before the start of the 2015 season. For more than four seasons, Shi Ke has been an important player in the team, and has made great contributions to the team on the defend line. He was also included in the national team for his excellent performance at the club and also participated in the Asian Cup in January 2019.


In the 2018 season, Shi Ke was the first major player in the history of Shanghai SIPG to win the first CSL Championship trophy. Shanghai SIPG become the team that lost the fewest goals in the CSL of this season, one of the player Shi Ke, who is the backbone for the defend line, has contributed a lot.


In the new season, Shi Ke is well integrated into the new three-center-back system which arranged by head coach Pereira. At the beginning of this year, in the Super Cup of the CFA, Shi Ke appeared as the main center-back player, together with his team to won championship trophy in the history of the club by 2:0 with Beijing Guoan.


With the years has passed, Shi Ke, who grew up together with Shanghai SIPG, has now appeared in the CSL for playing 100 leagues which this is an important milestone for him. I hope that Shi Ke will continue make persistent efforts Shanghai SIPG and to achieve more and higher goals in the future.



Pereira:Satisfied with young players performance and they are willing to fight

At the press conference after the match, Shanghai SIPG head coach Pereira said that the team played normally in the first half because of fatigue. "This game is between the two rounds of the ACL. Before that, we had played two very intense and difficult matches with Guangzhou Evergrande and Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, which affected the performance of the team in the first half today. This is the manifestation of fatigue from the previous match. As for opponent, they are active in running and fighting fiercely, which creates difficulties for us, and we have problems in space creation.”


Pereira also revealed his tactical arrangements during the halftime, "I told the players that a goal in the second half would make it easier to play. Because the opponent will improve their attack, so that we can find more gap. After we scored, it did happen. We used the gap behind our opponent to score two more goals and won. I'm satisfied with the result.”


As for the team's new injuries, Pereira is also felt very helpless. "Today, I am also unhappy, that is, at the last minute there is another injured person. This season we have had so many injuries that I have to let different players to try different positions. As a coach, I have to create new positions for some players. Now Yu Hai is injured, there are also Lyu Wenjun and Fu Huan, which give us headache. Then we will let the players to recover quickly, and then prepare for the second round to compete against Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC.”


For today's young players on the field, Pereira gave a very high appraisal, "I am very satisfied with the performance of Li Shenglong, because he was injured for four days and did not participate in the training, after playing today, he helped the team very much. I am very glad that Hu Jinghang showed his mentality and willing to fight on the field, as well as Lei Wenjie. Chen Binbin played for the entire game today, showing a strong mentality and playing at a high level.”


In terms of Oscar’s placement, Pereira admitted that the starting position of the FW was actually to allow the key player to adjust a little, "Let Oscar play as a FW, my idea is that he can slow down. His position is in front of him, and there are three midfielders behind him to support him. He doesn't need to run too much, which will make him better prepared for the next game. But in the second half we needed another FW, close to Elkeson, to give the other side a greater threat to the defend line, so he went back to the midfield, and this risky substitution helped the team finally win in the end.


Beijing Renhe head coach Stano congratulated the team on winning the match. He said that the team actually played well. Especially in the first half, we could not blame the players too much for the big score loss. "We are not only short of a foreign player, but also several local players are unable to play because of injury. The lack of personal ability led to the team losing three goals in the second half."


GK: Yan Junling

DF: Wang Shengchao; Shi Ke; Yu Hai

MF: Zhang Wei; Akhmedov ( 75’ Lei Wenjie); Cai Huikang( 46’ Li Shenglong); Yang Shiyuan; Chen Binbin

FW: Elkeson ( 70’ Hu Jinghang); Oscar



The 22nd June is China Children's Charity Day. Since last year, the club and Shanghai Charity Foundation have launched hand-in-hand activities to help students. Four of the first-team players and 11 supporters will be paired with 15 Chongming children respectively. Today's glorious moment, two of them came to the stadium to cheer up for the team.

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