The Flames. Rotation Players Make a Success, Shanghai SIPG qualify to the final Eight of CFA Cup




In the 5th round of the 2019 CFA Cup tonight, Shanghai SIPG won 4-0 at home to with BJFC, who is the team in China League Two, successfully qualify to final eight.

Big Rotation on Local Players


In this match, because the opponent is from the China League Two without foreign players, according to the rules of the CFA Cup, Shanghai SIPG must also play with "All Local Players". The head coach of Shanghai SIPG Pereira, took this opportunity to arrange a starting line-up with a big rotation under the intensive schedule of the three-line combat.

The goalkeeper is still Yan Junling; on the defend line, Yu Hao replaces Yu Hai, who almost play full-time for every competition in this season. He Guan become the captain, besides Wei Zhen; Zhang Wei and Xiao Mingjie are left and right defenders, Yang Shiyuan, Zhang Yi and Lin Chuangyi are three midfielders respectively; Hu Jinghang is to partner with Li Shenglong on the attack line.

Yang Shiyuan scored two goals


In the first half, Shanghai SIPG take the initiative, but the opponent BJFC was also very tenacious. Wei Zhen, the central defender of Shanghai SIPG, was injured after save the ball, and Wang Shengchao came on as a substitute.

The game deadlock was broken in the first half during the additional time. Zhang Yi crossed the ball from the left and Yang Shiyuan leaped to head the goal. Shanghai SIPG went into the halftime with a score of 1:0.


In the second half, Shanghai SIPG still plays the main attack for the game.

In the 71 minute, the team scored the second goal of the game. Li Shenglong received a long pass from the midfield and headed the ball in the penalty area. Yang Shiyuan kept up with the flying tackle and scored the second goal.


In the 83 minute, Zhang Yi finished his second assist and scored a header from Li Shenglong, who helped the latter point in his left-hand pass.


In the 88th minute, after Li Shenglong's left-hand snatch, the underpass created chaos in the opponent's penalty area, and Hu Jinghang shot low to scored a goal.


Finally, Shanghai SIPG defeated its opponent by four goals at home and successfully advanced to the final eight of the CFA Cup. The quarterfinals will be decided by draw at the end of this round.

On the 12th round of the CSL league in this Sunday, Shanghai SIPG shall compete against Dalian Yifang in away game.



PereiraSatisfied with rotation player for their performance

At the press conference after the match, Shanghai SIPG head coach Pereira said that the team had accomplished two goals which I have set before the match today, "The first is that the game must be won, we can qualify to the next round of the game; the second is that players who seldom play in the game usually have the opportunity to play, which has also been achieved. I'm also happy to see the spirit of the players on the pitch

Pereira also admitted that the team had some difficulties in the first half. "It was very hard to find the gap in the opponent's defense, so we didn't score at the beginning. In the second half, we made some adjustments, and after taking the lead, our opponents had pressure. At the end, the team scored four goals and did not concede. I was satisfied with everyone's performance.

Pereira is also satisfied with the rotation players who get the chance to play. "They try to play good football on the pitch, and they are in place in terms of technical and tactical implementation."

The deputy coach of BJFC Li Bin has said after the match, the score was an objective reflection of the gap for the actual strength between the two teams. He also wished Shanghai SIPG to achieve a good result in the CFA Cup.


GK: Yan Junling

DF: Wei Zhen ( 29 Wang Shengchao); He Guan; Yu Hao ( 62 Yu Hai)

MF: Xiao Mingjie; Yang Shiyuan ( 78 Li Haowen); Zhang Yi; Lin Chuang Yi; Zhang Wei

FW: Li Shenglong; Hujinghang



Xu Tianshu, a second-year junior high school student in Shanghai, has been focus on the competition of Shanghai SIPG for eight years. During this period, he recorded all the team's game scores. Not only that, no matter where he goes in the world, he always wears the scarf of Shanghai SIPG and leaves the precious memories with his favorite team.

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