The Flames. Successfully qualified to the next round of AFC, expecting the important battle on Sunday’s CSL




In the final round of the Asian Championship group tournament which ended tonight, Shanghai SIPG defeated Ulsan Hyundai 5-0 at home and the team qualifying to the next round by ranking second in the group.

Li Shenglong appear in the starting player, partnered with Elkeson


In this match, Hulk, Lyu Wenjun, Fu Huan and Shi Ke all missed the match due to injury. On the attack line, Li Shenglong replaced Hulk in the starting player position and partnered with Elkeson; in the middle field are Oscar, Cai Huikang and Akhmedov, Zhang Wei and Wang Shengchao were on the two sides; on the defend line, three center defenders are He Guan; Wei Zhen and Yu Hai, the goalkeeper was still Yan Junling.

Oscar playing "hat trick", two FW scored their first goal in the Asian Championship League


At the beginning of the competition, Shanghai SIPG made a perfect start.

In the 7’ minute, Zhang Wei passed the ball to Oscar, Oscar and Elkeson cooperate together, after that he received Elkeson's pass and push the ball to score.


In the 42’ minute, Shanghai SIPG scored another goal, Yu Hai passed directly and Oscar made a dash with the ball, after move away from the opponent's defending players, one shoot from the penalty area, to scored twice.

Shanghai SIPG entered the halftime with a score of 2:0.


In the second half, the home team follow up with a victory.

In the 67’ minute, Li Shenglong received Akhmedov's pass and scored from a small angle, rewriting the score to 3:0. This is also the first goal scored by No. 14 player of Shanghai SIPG in the Asian Championship League.


In the 75’ minute, Oscar scored on his own with the assistance of Elkeson, completing a "hat trick" successfully.”


In the 88’ minute, Hu Jinghang, as substitution, also expecting his first goal in the Asian Championship League. Elkeson's shot caused the opponent’s goalkeeper to slip out of the hand and Hu Jinghang follow up and shot into the net.

In final ranking of the group, Shanghai SIPG led Kawasaki Frontale by one point and qualify to the top 16 of the Asian Championship League as place second in the group. The team will play Korea team Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC in the 8th finals, the two rounds of match are taking place on the 19th June at home and 26th June for away.

The next math for Shanghai SIPG will be on this Sunday’ evening, for the 11th round of CSL, to compete against Beijing Guoan at home.

TIFO appears, ACL continue to move forward


21st May, Shanghai SIPG vs Ulsan Hyundai, is the key battle for Shanghai SIPG to qualify for the Asian Championship Group Competition. On the audience stand, the supporters of Shanghai SIPG played a big TIFO, to support their beloved home team!

Shanghai’s landmark represents Shanghai and Red Eagle represents Shanghai SIPG, the text reads: Shanghai SIPG continues to move forward! The supporter’s TIFO has brought motivation and good luck to Shanghai SIPG as they continue to move forward in the Asian Championship League!



Pereira:The ACL needs this mental state

With a victory, with their own efforts to qualify for the next round, which made Shanghai SIPG head coach Pereira very satisfied. After the match, he said: "The team played a correct mental state in the match, and it should be maintained in the Asian Championship. We played very well today, scored many goals, scored five goals and maybe even more. The players are playing very hard on the pitch, running very actively, defending and attacking very well. As a coach, I'm glad to see that.


Pereira also praised Li Shenglong and Hu Jinghang, who both scored their first goal in the Asian Championship: "I am very satisfied with their performance. They are all team players who work very hard on and off the pitch. Li Shenglong was not only scored goals, but also made a lot of contributions in other aspects of the match, he is a fighter. Hu Jinghang is still young, he helped the team in the previous league, today he got the opportunity to play and scored goals, as I am very satisfied. Of course, I am satisfied with all the players today.”


Regarding Sunday's CSL battle with Beijing Guoan, Pereira said: "We have to rest first, tomorrow the team will take a break, and then we will consider the match with Beijing. They are an excellent team, and so we are, it's a big challenge for both teams. I hope that our supporters will come to support us and cheer for us as well as to motivate us to win and get three points.


Oscar’s "hat trick" was officially voted the best player of the match by the AFC. He said: "It's a pleasure to win the game, and even happier I won with my teammates and scored three goals myself. We're going to focus more on the league and the elimination of the Asian Championship. My second goal was my favorite. I came to China from Europe to play football, and I continue to work hard and improve every day.”


GK: Yan Junling

DF: Wei Zhen; He Guan; Yu Hai

MF: Wang Shengchao( 84’ Hu Jinghang); Akhmedov; ( 80’ Zhang Yi); Cai Huikang ( 87’ Yang Shiyuan); Oscar; Zhang Wei

FW: Li Shenglong; Elkeson

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