The Flames. Knock down and kill off Luneng, received a run of three victories








In tonight's 9th round of CSL, Shanghai SIPG defeat Shandong Luneng Taishan by 2:1 at Shanghai stadium, and received a run of three victories.

Lin Chuangyi appear in the starting line-up, continue the three center defender system


In the absence of Lyu Wenjuns injury, Lin Chuangyi enter the list of starting player, to partnered with Oscar and Cai Huikang; for U23 player, Pereira sent Wei Zhen as center DF together with He Guan and Yu Hai to become three center DF; left and right position are still Zhang Wei and Wang Shengchao; Hulk and Elkeson has appear on the line of attack.

Penalty shoot kill off in additional time


Just after 55 seconds in the first half, Shandong Luneng Taishan attacked directly with a long pass, and Brazilian FW Guedes scored a goal on his own.

After lost the goal, Shanghai SIPG launched a lot of attack, and take the initiative of the game. Unfortunately, many threatening chances did not turn into goals, including in the end of the first half, Wang Shengchaos close shot unfortunately hit on the goal post.

At the end of first half, the home team Shanghai SIPG was temporarily 0:1 behind.



In the second half, Shandong Luneng Taishan scored a goal by Guedes in the 47 minute. VAR reminds that they have players in the offside position, so the goal is disallowed.


In the 71 minute, Wei Zhen, the central defender of Shanghai SIPG, was receiving his second yellow card and sent off with red card. Shanghai SIPG had to continue playing with one player less than the opponent.


However, just three minutes later, Shanghai SIPG linked up well, Oscar pass the ball to Li Shenglong, who was substitute in the second half, he then break into penalty area by crossed by the middle, Elkeson received the ball and easily scored a goal to drawn up the score.




The game entered the additional time, Shandong Luneng Taishan used a quick counter-attack by Gill to score a goal. After involve VAR, Guedes who passed the ball to Gill, was offside when receive the ball, so the goal was disallowed.

At the last minute, Shanghai SIPG received a penalty goal, Hao Junmin was judged hand ball by the VAR in the penalty area. Captain Hulk complete the goal and change the score.




The next game for Shanghai SIPG will be on the 17th May ( Friday), in the 10th round of CSL, to play against Henan Jianye FC in away match.






Pereira:Satisfied with the players, my heart cant bear with it

After the match, Shanghai SIPG head coach Pereira admitted that it was a very tough game. "We lost the ball very early at the beginning, the opponent defended very well, and it was difficult to create enough space to get the chance to score. Although the team created some chances in the first half, but they did not score. In the second half, we made some adjustments, but the opponent was constantly creating long passes, striving for the second point, and frequent side passes, which made it difficult for us to control the pace of the game. Especially after the red card, the situation is very bad for us.


However, Pereira was very happy to praise the performance and fighting spirit of the players. "We have been trying to maintain balance, relying on our strong spirit and fighting ability, scored the key goal to drawn. The last minute of the game are very difficult, not only for the players, but also for the coaches and supporters, because both teams have the chance to score. Finally, it's a good thing that get three points."


Today we won, but at some stage we lost. Football match needs some luck, today we are lucky. Of course, what I am more satisfied with is the tenacity of the players' spirit. Pereira also said, "Today's last minute is very open, everyone is attacking, trying to score, there are also opportunities, in this circumstances, goals and concessions are possible. Of course, the result is very good, but I don't like this way of playing. It's not good for my health and it's a test for my heart.


The head coach of Shandong Luneng Taishan Li Xiaopeng has said after the match, "Both teams have played their own style, although the tactics are different, but this is an excellent game. It's a pity that we didn't seize the opportunity because the final result was a little disappointed. But thanks to the players, they did their best. This is football. It teaches you not only how to face victory, but also how to face failure. This is the charm of football.


GK: Yan Junling

DF: Wei Zhen; He Guan; Yu Hai

MF: Wang Shengchao ( 85 Hu Jinghang); Lin Chuangyi ( 46 Li Shenglong); Cai Huikang; Oscar; Zhang Wei ( 85 Yu Hao)

FW: Hulk; Elkeson



Shi Xinyan, who was born in 1984 which he worked very diligently. During the 15 years working for Jinjiang Taxi Company, there has been no complaint, no accident, and this year he won the honor of May Day Labor Medal of Shanghai. As a member of Lei Feng fleet, he is keen on participate in public welfare activities, institutions such as Sunshine House can often see him caring for the elderly and disabled person.

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