The Flames. Knock Down Guangzhou R&F, Hulk welcomed his one hundred leagues with goals and victories




In the 8th round of the CSL competition this afternoon, Shanghai SIPG knock down Guangzhou R&F by 2-0 at home and won three victories in the recent leagues.

Many important players has return, Hulk takes the lead


Some of the important players of the Shanghai SIPG has returned to starting line-up after Wednesday's CFA Cup break. Head coach Pereira chose the same starting player as when the team beat Tianjin Teda in the previous tournament.

Goalkeeper Yan Junling remained unchanged; three central defenders are Wei Zhen, He Guan and Yu Hai; left and right side are Zhang Wei and Wang Shengchao, at the middle field are Oscar, Cai Huikang and Lyu Wenjun; and on the line of attack are Hulk and Elkeson.

It is worth mentioning that this match is also the 100th league that Captain Hulk of representing Shanghai SIPG to play. Before start of the match, Mr Zhang Min who is the chairman of Shanghai SIPG Football Club, presented him with a special T-shirt for this special day.

The second half opened the door to victory


In the 20 minute, Lyu Wenjun had to leave the pitch early because the collision with teammate Elkeson in the penalty area and got injured. Li Shenglong has received the order to substitute him.

Although, Shanghai SIPG has created many scoring opportunities, unfortunately it has not been able to score. At the end of the half time, the two teams drew 0-0 temporarily.


In the second half, Shanghai SIPG enhance the attack and finally broke the deadlock in the 59 minute. Hulk pulled out the right corner and ferry at the point in front of the penalty area, Li Shenglong hit the ball into the goal.


In the 74 minute, Shanghai SIPG made a quick counter-attack, after Hulk's high-speed breakthrough with the ball, he shot a long-range goal in the front of the penalty area to lock victory for the team.


Tomorrow, Shanghai SIPG will go to Japan to prepare for the 5th round of the ACL championship group match with the Kawasaki Frontale on the 7th May (next Tuesday).

Hulk welcomed his one hundred leagues milestone


Today's match with Guangzhou R&F is the 100th match for captain of Shanghai SIPG and Brazilian star Hulk who representing the club. The "Hulk" celebrates his hundred leagues milestones with an excellent goal!

In the summer of 2016, Hulk joined Shanghai SIPG. Before the game, at the time less than three years, Hulk contributed 54 goals and 39 assists to the Shanghai SIPG in various competitions.

In the season of 2018, as the captain Hulk played the role of leading the team to fight on the pitch and uniting the change room off the pitch. He also won the first CSL championship trophy in the history of Shanghai SIPG Football Club!

Now, Hulk is continuing to lead his teammates in the CSL, ACL and CFA Cup to strive for further success!



PereiraImprove Tackling, Strive for Victory

We played very hard in the first half because our opponent played well. In the second half, we have improved the tacking and scored two goals. In fact, we still have the chance to score more goals. The head coach of Shanghai SIPG, Pereira has commented after the match.

He also said, "We deserve to win this game. It was a difficult game as a whole. Although the team had been playing recently, one after another, with very little time to rest, but I was satisfied with the fighting spirit of the players. And I'm very happy to get three points in such an important match.

Guangzhou R&Fs head coach Stoikovic said after the match that his team and the champion of the CSL are not on a same strength level. "Losing the game to Shanghai SIPG is not a shame. Of course, to lose the game will still feel unhappy, a little disappointed, although the team's overall performance today is quite good, but the result is negative. To win a match against a team like Shanghai SIPG, you have to perform well in 90 minutes. We played a good 60 minute today and the tactics were in place, but a corner kick was careless and this caused we lost.


GK: Yan Junling

DF: Wei Zhen; He Guan; Yu Hai

MF: Wang Shengchao; Lyu Wenjun( 25Li Shenglong); Cai Huikang; Oscar; Zhang Wei ( 89 Chen Binbin)

FW: Hulk; Elkeson ( 88 Hu Jinghang)



Jia Weiqing, the honorable supporter for today, works in the primary school affiliated to the First Normal School of Jing an District, Shanghai, he has reward as outstanding youth and top 10 young pioneer counselors in Shanghai. Born in 1989, he has become a representative of outstanding young teachers. As a supporter for Shanghai SIPG, he came to the home stadium in 2009 to cheer up, and has been actively involved in the club's public welfare activities.

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