The Flames. Squad rotation kills Wuhan Zall, Successfully enter the 5th round of CFA Cup



The 4th round of CFA Cup continue to play today. Shanghai SIPG defeat Wuhan Zall with score of 3-1 and successfully advanced to the top 16.

Rotate the starting player, Oscar takes the lead


Faced with opponents in CSL, Shanghai SIPG head coach Pereira rotated half of the starting line-up, and basically concentrated in the middle and front field.

On the defend line, goal keeper is still Yan Junling while defenders are Wei Zhen, He Guan and Yu Hai; on each left and right side are Fu Huan and Chen Binbin, midfielders are Oscar who partner with Lin Chuangyi and Zhang Yi ; and forwarders are Lyu Wenjun and Li Shenglong on the line of attack.

Three goals ahead in half time


Shanghai SIPG was obviously dominate in the game with half of the first team squad and they scored its first goal in the 13 minute.


Oscar shot on the goal post with long-range shooting, Li Shenglong caught up with another shot and saved by Wuhan Zalls goalkeeper. He quickly got up and passed the ball, Fu Huan kept up with the vigorous volley to score the goal.


In the 33 minute, Shanghai SIPG scored another goal. Zhang Yi shot 45 degrees from the left into the other side's penalty area, Lyu Wenjun then jumped high and scored a header.


In the 40 minute, after Oscar's counter-attack which was pulled by his opponent, he made a free kick himself. Subsequently, he scored the goal.

At the end of the half time, Shanghai SIPG entered the second half with a 3-0 lead.


In the second half, in order to keep the game in a good condition, Shanghai SIPG replaced Lyu Wenjun and He Guan with Hulk and Elkeson.

However, in the 54 minute, when Shanghai SIPG accidentally lost the ball, Fu Huan try to save the ball then the ball was bounce on Yan Junling makes own goal.   


After that, Shanghai SIPG sent Lei Wenjie to replaced Oscar which he has play for several game. Then later in the game, both sides has attack and defend, but they did not score goals.

Finally, Shanghai SIPG won 3:1 in away match and entered the 5th round of the CFA Cup.



PereiraI like the performance in the first half

"The game was played at 3 p.m., the weather was hot, and the players recovered very short after the last match."

After the match, Shanghai SIPG head coach Pereira expressed his satisfaction with the team's performance in the first half. "I like our performance in the first half. Everyone played well, good pace and controlled the ball. We created many chances and scored goals. But in the second half the team played without pace, which was not what I like. When we can't keep the ball under our feet, then the opponent has chance to attack.

As for why he chose to start the second half with Hulk and Elkeson, Pereira explained, "It's necessary. Yesterday's pre-match training didn't have much exercise, and no training for today as well. We need to balance their fitness so that they can keep the pace and feel of the game, and they can also cope with the intensity of 45 minutes.

After the match, Wuhan Zall FC head coach Li Tie said that the reason why so many substitutes and young players were used in the match was that the team had too many injuries this month. "We have seven or eight players who can not participate in the game, so this time let many young players experience the atmosphere of the CFA Cup. The players have try the best, I am satisfied with the performance and fighting spirit of the players, the team has done its best.



DF: Wei Zhen; He Guan ( 46 Hulk); Yu Hai

MF: Fu Huan; Zhang Yi; Lin Chuangyi; Oscar ( 68 Lei Wenjie); Chen Binbin

FW: Lyu Wenjun ( 46 Elkeson); Li Shenglong

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