The Flames. Elkeson scored two goals, Shanghai SIPG wins Tianjin Teda in away match



At the end of 7th round of CSL competition this afternoon, the visitor team Shanghai SIPG wins Tianjin Teda by 2:0.


Sent up three Brazilian Players, Wei Zhen Appear in the Starting Line-up


For this match, Shanghai SIPG head coach Pereira chose three foreign players, Oscar, Hulk and Elkeson, and U23 defend player Wei Zhen to appear in the starting line-up.

The team still adopts the three-center DF. He Guan is slightly moved backward, Wei Zhen and Yu Hai serve as right and left DF. Wang Shengchao and Zhang Wei are on both side of the middle field, while Lyu Wenjun, Cai Huikang and Oscar are serve in the center. Hulk and Elkeson are serve on the line of attack.

Elkeson Scored Two Goals


In the first half, Shanghai SIPG played with high level of excitement. At the beginning, they mainly fought against opponent, frequently launching threatening attacks on Tianjin Teda's goal. In the 9 minute, Elkeson received an excellent pass from Oscar, but unfortunately the shot were missed.


In the 17 minute, Elkeson broke the deadlock on the pitch, Wei Zhen took a long pass to the penalty area, No. 9 player of Shanghai SIPG stopped the ball and shot directly to opponents goal in a small angle. 

After that, Elkeson had another chance to score. After receiving Zhang Wei's left-side pass, he leaped to the goal with a header, which was blocked by the home goalkeeper and hit on the post. At the end of half-time, Shanghai SIPG takes the lead of 1:0.


In the second half, although Tianjin Teda attempt to counter-attack, Shanghai SIPG insisted on high-position pressing and controlled the ball under its own feet, they still got more scoring opportunities than their opponents. In the 77 minute, the home team midfielder Zheng Kai was sent off for a serious foul against Zhang Wei from Shanghai SIPG.


In the 83 minute, Zhang Wei created another opportunity for Elkeson, but unfortunately he failed to score. However, only two minutes later, Elkeson completed his second goal in the game. He received Oscar's pass and scored low in the middle to lock the victory for Shanghai SIPG.


Shanghai SIPG will travel directly from Tianjin to Wuhan tomorrow to prepare for the 4th round of the CFA Cup away match on the 1st May(next Wednesday) against Wuhan Zall FC.

On the 4th May (next Saturday), Shanghai SIPG will return to home stadium to play against Guangzhou R&F in the 8th round of the CSL.


PereiraVictory comes from Focus

At the post-match press conference, Shanghai SIPG head coach Pereira was very satisfied with the final result and the performance of the players. "Today, we played very well, created many chances and scored two goals. It's a fair score and we deserve to win the game.

For the team's strength in the game, Pereira believes that "in recent multiple-line combat, sometimes the state of condition are up and downs which is normal. In fact, we played well in the last ACL competition. How important this game for us is clearly to the players. We must not lose, which will enlarge the gap between the top team. So the whole team stayed focused from the first minute until the end of the game. Of course, the only regret is that so many chances have been created and only two goals have been scored, which is something that needs to be improved. Generally speaking, I am satisfied with the players' performance today. They have played a sense of responsibility as a whole.

Pereira also said that in order to deal with the opponents three strong foreign players, he specifically called to enhance on high position pressing, "We continue to create pressure on their players, which is very important. If they don't press, they can pass the ball easily, and they will have more chances to run and pass the ball. We watch their central defenders grab the ball and don't let them play easily. That's what my expectation in the game.

Head coach of Tianjin Teda Stielike believes that although the team lost the game, the team has done its best, so there is no regret, "Congratulations on the victory of the opponent, we can also go home happily. Because my players did their best in the match. They did everything I wanted from them, but they were not as skilled as Shanghai SIPG. Especially Shanghai SIPGs defending in CSL competition has all perform quite good, and they come to our home stadium, to show respect and pay attention to us, regardless of the number of defenders, or their personal capabilities has play very well, so that makes our three foreign players has not perform at their best.

GK: Yan Junling

DF: Wei Zhen; He Guan; Yu Hai

MF: Wang Shengchao ( 89 Lei Wenjie); Lyu Wenjun ( 89 Zhang Hua Chen); Cai Huikang; Oscar; Zhang Wei

FW: Hulk; Elkeson ( 89 Li Shenglong)

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