The Flames. Stand up to the most difficult moment, and win victory of receiving three points



In the 5th round of CSL match, the home team Shanghai SIPG has defeat Wuhan Zall FC for 2:1 at Shanghai stadium, Hulk scored the penalty, Elkeson contribute the final hit in the additional time. 

Two of the U-23 player has enter the starting line-up

In this match, due to injury and intensive schedule, the head coach of the Shanghai SIPG Pereira, made some adjustments to the starting line-up.


The three central defender are still He Guan, Wei Zhen and Yu Hai, on the left and right side are Chen Binbin and Fu Huan, for the first time this season in the CSL tournament, Shanghai SIPG has arranged two U23 players in the starting line-up.

Lyu Wenjuns position for this match has been move slightly forward, together with Hulk and Elkeson to appear on the line of attack, in the middle field are Cai Huikang and Oscar.

Never give up, Kill off at the last minute


In the first half, Shanghai SIPG almost took the lead for scoring goals. In the 10 minute, a small angle shot in the penalty area by Hulk was saved by the GK of Wuhan Zall. When the half time ended, the two teams drew 0-0 temporarily. 


In the second half, Shanghai SIPG still dominated the attack. Head coach Pereira has sent Zhang Wei and Li Shenglong, through the adjustment of the starting line-up to continue brings the pressure on opponent. In the 69 minute, the team finally broke the deadlock. Zhang Wei delivered the ball from the left and Lyu Wenjun who got push down by the player from Wuhan Zall. The referee awarded a penalty kick and captain Hulk hit the goal, which helped the team to take the lead. However, Wuhan Zall equalized the score with long-range shot from the penalty area at the 80 minute. 


The physical exhaustion brought to the team for two leagues in a week does not prevent the players of Shanghai SIPG from continuing to fight for the victory until the last minute. Finally, in the additional time, Shanghai SIPG has played out a brilliant quick counter-attack, Hulk dribble in a high speed and pass to Elkeson, then he shot in a small angle to complete the kill. 


After winning this match, the current record for Shanghai SIPG are 4 wins, lost 1 and gain 12 points, temporarily ranked second on the list. The next match for the team will be on the 19th April ( Friday) to play against Tianjin Tianhai FC in away league for the 6th round of CSL.



PereiraStand up to the most difficult moment

The head coach of Shanghai SIPG Pereira thinks the team played well in the first half, many opportunities have been created, the only regret is we havent scored any goals, in the second half we are kept trying, but then was equalized by the opponent again. I would like to said, at the ed of the day, we were able to play together as a team, to fight together, to stand up for the most difficult moment, and received three points which we wanted. This result is fair, and we deserve this victory. 

Talking about the difficulties encountered in the match, Pereira said the players are trying to maintain continuity of attack, we are constantly threatening our opponents goal by taking off from the middle, left and right. But the rhythm the match is always interrupted by the frequent fouls, lots of time was wasted. Unfortunately, my players are just returned from the ACL champions league in Australia, but they still play very hard, finally they did not give up, so I am pleased with their performance. 

Elkeson scored key goals in the last two matches, Pereira said, he is a team player, play very hard on the pitch, actively seize the opportunities, and scored the final goal. And he defended very well. For me, its extremely important to have such a player. 

At the end, Pereira also admitted that he is scared to watch Hulks penalty kick in the match, Yes, it is. I care about these three points, the entire league, to get three points in some of the competitions are really important, because at some stage you especially need to win. The entire league is a torment for the coach, I dont want to suffer anymore. The most important is the penalty was scored, I dont think its the most important thing.


GK: Yan Junling

DF: Wei Zhen ( 51 Zhang Wei); He Guan; Yu Hai

MF: Fu Huan; Cai Huikang; Oscar; Chen Binbin ( 67 Li Shenglong)

FW: Hulk; Elkeson; Lyu Wenjun ( 88 Lei Wenjie)

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