The Flames. Toughly bring back one point from away match, Elkeson contributed key goal


In the 3rd round of Group H for ACL champion league at Jubilee Stadium in Sydney, Shanghai SIPG held Sydney FC to a 3:3 in away match.

Slightly alternate for starting line-up

In this match, Shanghai SIPG made few changes on the starting line-up, Lin Chuangyi and Zhangwei get the opportunity to play, Asian player Akhmedov also entered the starting list.

Compared with the previous CSL league, head coach Pereira has changed his formation to 3 central defenders again. He Guan; Wei Zhen and Yu Hai form the line of defend. On the two sides are Lyu Wenjun and Zhang Wei. In the middle field is Oscar; Akhmedov and Lin Chuangyi, while Hulk and Elkeson are to be placed on the attack line.

3 times falling behind, 3 times equalizing the score


Just 3 minutes start of the match, Siem de Jong of Sydney FC shot from a small angle on the left side, the ball hit We Zhen of Shanghai SIPG and then turned to fly into goal. In the 27’ minute, Shanghai SIPG equalized the score, Oscar cross and pass the ball, Lyu Wenjun headed the ball in the middle to the opponent’s goal.


In the 30’ minute, the referee Fagani penalized He Guan for handball in the restricted area. The Sydney FC forwarder Fondre hit the goal in. In the 36’ minute, Shanghai SIPG equalized the score for the second time, Yu Hai scored a goal which assist by Hulk.

Both team entered the half time with score of 2 : 2.


In the second half, Shanghai SIPG replaced Lin Chuangyi with Cai Huikang, unfortunately, after that both He Guan and Akhmedov got injured, and head coach Pereira have to used up all the replacement quota.


In the 84’ minute, Sydney FC Broscorley use the opportunity to shoot, help the team to take the lead for the third time.

It was Elkeon, the Brazilian forwarder who played 100 matches on behalf of his team! In the 89’minute, Elkeson received a great pass from Oscar, then shoot from a direction of small angle, therefore Shanghai SIPG equalize the score for the third time!


Finally, Shanghai SIPG scored a point in away match. As a result of another group match, Ulsan Hyundai beat Kawasaki Frontale of one to nil. After three rounds, Shanghai SIPG ranked in second place in the group with 4 points, 1 victory, 1 draw and 1 lost.

Elkeson expecting a milestone of playing one hundred matches

The match against Sydney FC is Elkeson's 100th league for Shanghai SIPG. 

On January 2016, Elkeson joined the big family of Shanghai SIPG for more than three years, he accompanied the team to grow up together and won the trophy of champion for CSL league. As a top scorer in Asia, Elkeson has been always dedicated and contribute many goals to the team. His humble and active character is also loved by his supporters. On the occasion of unlock 100 achievements. Thanks to Elkeson for his efforts and wish him to strive for more honors for the club in the future.


Pereira:The result is not the best, satisfied with fighting spirit

After the match, Shanghai SIPG head coach Pereira said that since the new season, the injuries have had an impact on the team's defending quality in the match and makes the match very difficult.

Actually, we did well in the first half, creating four or five opportunities and playing our own style of football. Unfortunately, we made two mistakes and our opponent scored two goals. During the second half, the team suffered from injuries and fall behind again, but the player’s mental state and fighting spirit still satisfied me. Although the final result is not the best, but it is acceptable.

The team's new injury situation worries Pereira. "It's been bothering us all the time. My biggest concern is our next CSL league. Our medical team has a lot of work to do before Sunday's match.

However, Pereira is confident about following matches. "Today, we scored 1 point in away match and 4 points in the first three games of the ACL champions league, which is not a bad result. Our team’s capability is comparatively average, and all of us hope to compete for the first place, which is also our goal. 

Elkeson, who won the title of "Best Player of the Match", was very happy to score such an important goal in his 100th match for Shanghai SIPG. "First of all, I am very happy that this is my 100th match for the club, and even happier that I scored today. Next, we have to think about Sunday's league. Of course, we won't give up for the ACL champions league. We will fight for the championship and believe that victory will soon return to the team.


GK: Yan Junling

DF: Wei Zhen; He Guan ( 77’ Fu Huan); Yu Hai

MF: Lyu Wenjun; Lin Chuangyi ( 72’ Cai Huikang); Akhmedov ( 78’ Zhang Yi); Oscar; Zhang Wei

FW: Hulk; Elkeson

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