The Flames. 【Received Four Victories】Rotates Players, Shanghai SIPG defeat Suning at home match



The 2nd round of CSL league in 2019 will be taking place tonight, Shanghai SIPG defeat Jiangsu Suning by 3:2 in home stadium, received a good start in the new season of CSL league, it’s also the second wins of the league.

Although the CSL League has entered a break period, However, Shanghai SIIPG will play away against Ulsan Hyundai in the second round of the Asian Championship group tournament on next Wednesday.


The Starting Line-up has changed a lot


In the case of injuries on the defense line, the head coach of Shanghai SIPG has made a great adjustment to the team's starting line-up, especially the defense line is a new combination




Three starting center backs are Wei Zhen, Fu Huan and Yu Hai; the left and right wing are Zhang Wei and Lu Wenjun respectively; Lin Chuangyi also appeared in the team's midfield, playing alongside with Cai Huikang and Oscar, while Hulk and Elkeson were on the attack line.

Singing the National Anthem Together



Especially, the club put forward the slogan of "going Shanghai SIPG home stadium, singing the national anthem" and called on the whole team to sing the National Anthem together with the supporters who coming to the home stadium. Before today's competition, the Shanghai Stadium once sounded a loud national anthem, the occasion was incredible.


Meet a Tough Opponent


At 1 minute 30 seconds, Oscar pushed the ball to the middle after forcibly breaking through the left baseline, this caused the player Wang Jiong from Jiangsu Suning makes own goal. In the 3’ minute, Lin Chuangyi assisted Zhang Wei to shoot from a small angle.



Shanghai SIPG started off quite smoothly, through a lightening war, they had a two- goal lead earlier. In the second half, only two minutes later, Shanghai SIPG scored the third goal of the match. Lv Wenjun's world wide-range shooting outside the penalty area makes the goalkeeper of the other side only look at the ball and sigh.


But Jiangsu Suning never give up, they first received a left-handed pass from Xie Pengfei in the 65’ minute, then swept the floor to recover the ball; Only four minutes later, Xie Pengfei scored a single goal, narrowing the gap between the three balls to only one.


Facing the strong counter attack from Jiangu Suning, finally, Shanghai SIPG managed to keep the advantage of leading the score to the end of the competition.

After The Match- Pereira

 Multiple Rotation, don’t make last year’s mistakes


From 3:0 to 3:2, head coach of Shanghai SIPG Pereira believed after the match that when the team was physically strong, it completely controlled the situation on the pitch and played its own style of play.


As for the second half, the main problem for the team was body fatigue. "Three days ago, we just played a match. One match in a week is relatively simple. Now we play every three or four days. It's not easy.”


Regarding the injury problems of the current team, Pereira said that the main reason is the intensive schedule of the beginning of the new season. "I want to find solutions to these difficulties for the team, such as Fu Huan playing in central defense today is very good, as well as Lin Chuangyi and Zhang Wei."


Pereira specifically talked about the role of rotating players in the match. "We have important players with injuries, so we have to rotate. The players who rotate are doing very well and I'm satisfied. It shows that they are ready to play and ready to help the team


From the beginning of the new season start to rotate, Pereira said that he can not repeat the mistakes of last year, "This year we have to rotate, do not rotate, there will be the same problems as last year. I have to trust my players and give them confidence that they can help the team. Like Wei Zhen, he has played well in recent matches; Fu Huan is playing in different positions today, and Zhang Wei is playing well; including Lyu Wenjun, he can adapt to all the positions in the front and middle positions. We will consciously let these players try different positions and accumulate experience in training. We play team football and need some players to appear in different positions to solve the team's problems.”


After the match, the head coach of Jiangsu Suning Olaroiu felt very pity, "This is a crazy match, full attack and full defense, of course, the audience likes to watch. But unfortunately, it's too late for us to get into shape. Since we scored a goal, the team has regained its confidence, scoring the second goal, we can almost equalize the score. But there's a price to pay for making mistakes in the match. Unfortunately, that's what we did tonight.        


Qiu Xiaojun, the guest of this glorious moment, who is a 4S shop employee fighting in the first line of the automotive industry, responsible for ensuring daily maintenance and repair of vehicles and eliminating potential safety hazards. Its company cooperates with Shanghai SIPG logistics and etc. It has a good relationship with us.                


In his spare time, Qiu Xiaojun is also a faithful member of the Shanghai SIPG’s  supporter club and a captain of the football team of the supporter Club. He hopes to convey his love for football and Shanghai SIPG to more people through this team.

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