The Flames. 【Hulk’s final knock out】Shanghai SIPG beat Kawasaki Frontale by 1 to 0, received a good start in the new season



In the season of 2019, the first round of Group H in the ACL league will be taking place tonight, Shanghai SIPG beat Japan J league champion Kawasaki Frontale by 1 to 0.


In another match from the same group, Ulsan Hyundai held a draw of 0 to 0 with Sydney FC, after the first round Shanghai SIPG has sitting at the first place.


Captain Hulk is coming back


After absent for the first round of CSL Shanghai derby, captain Hulk is coming back from injury, reappear in the starting list, together with Oscar, Elkeson to become the triple attacking line.



In this match, head coach of Shanghai SIPG follows the new three-center-back system of the first two matches of the team's new season- Wei Zhen, He Guan and Yu Hai. The change in middle field is, Wang Shengchao has appears on the right wing position and Lyu Wenjun has appear on the left wing position.


On the side of Kawasaki Frontale, they have hiding the Brazil former international striker Damion, who has just joined the team in the new season.

Injuries re-attack defensive line


The first half just start in five minutes, He Guan could not continue to play the match due to injury, have to leave the pitch early. Head coach Pereira replace Fu Huan to play on the right wing, Wang Shengchao replaced the gap at left side due to He Guan’s injury.



For the entire first half, the match went on extremely tough, the visitor Kawasaki Frontale dominated the match rhythm with skillful ball control, Shanghai SIPG also create some good opportunities. But both team has not score any goal, when the half time ended, the result was 0 to 0 draw.

Fortune comes from not giving up


On the second half, Shanghai SIPG has improved the aggressive to strive the ball, for defense, great attention should be paid to preventing opponents from tearing up the defensive line by passing and controlling the ball.



On the attacking, Shanghai SIPG has some improvement. In the 50’ minute, Elkeson received the corner kick, head the ball forward, Hulk flew and shot, unfortunately it hit on the post and bounced out.


As time went on, the match reached a deadlock, it's a test for the fitness of both teams. Shanghai SIPG has not given up, always defend by running actively, to seize the opportunities. Finally at 88’ minute, the efforts and perseverance coming from Shanghai SIPG have been rewarded.



Akhmedov and Fu Huan has cooperated on the right side, Fu Huan's cross hit the Kawasaki forward's back waist Yamada Young’s hand, the referee decided for penalty kick. Captain Hulk scored the goal, and this was the only goal for the match.


Finally, Shanghai SIPG beat Kawasaki Frontale by 1 to 0, received a good start in the new season. The 2nd round of ACL match will be taking place on next Wednesday, Shanghai SIPG to challenge Korean Team Ulsan Hyundai.


The team has 2nd round of match to play on this Saturday, compete against Jiangsu Suning in Shanghai stadium.



I'm lucky to have these players, “ I am a lucky person, having the best Foreign players in Asia.” At the post-match press conference, head coach of Shanghai Pereira pointed the person next to him, Hulk who has won the best player of the match said,‘’of course, not only Hulk, but also Oscar, Elkeson, Akhmedov and our Chinese players. They can help the team at both tactical and spiritual levels.


For this match, Pereira says it's really tough,” the match was as I said before, opponents have distinct technical characteristics, makes us to have a hard time. they are one of the best team in Asia, that's what I thought last season. He Guan was injured just starting of the match, Shi Ke was also unable to play due to injury.

playing against team in this level, we injured two main center MF, it can only depend on the efforts of the team as a whole. We united together to overcome the difficulties. During certain stage of the match, we did not perform well, but we made up for other weaknesses with more running. “


Pereira also believes that the ultimate victory comes from faith. Sometimes football is like that. We always believed that we could score and then we did. With victory and three points, we made a good start in the ACL Championship.


Hulk also said that he and his teammates were fighting to the end, He already focused on the weekend's CSL league.” Next we will compete against Jiangsu Suning at home stadium, be well prepare and received all three points.

GK: Yan Junling

DF: Wei Zhen; He Guan ( 7‘ Fu Huan);Yu Hai

MF: Lyu Wenjun; Akhmedov; Cai Huikang ( 85’ Lin Chuangyi); Wang Shengchao

FW: Hulk ( 90’ Li Shenglong); Elkkeson; Oscar



In the season of 2018, Shanghai SIPG a special program for the supporters- Glorious Moment. On every home game of Shanghai SIPG, the club will invite a representative of Shanghai SIPG from various professions and trades, to come the stadium, and award prizes for honorary supporters.


Today is the first home game for Shanghai SIPG in the season of 2019, let us meet the guest for today’s glorious moment.


Abdumijiti Ameti, from Kashgar( Uygur), he is a graduate student in Fudan University. He likes football since very small, fell in love with Shanghai SIPG since college.


During his study in Fudan University, also participated in the "support education program" activities, and organized the football team while supporting teaching,

He is using his action to bring the positive energy of "no football, no benefit" from Shanghai SIPG to the western region.

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