The Flames. 【The Moment of Champion】Held Victory, Welcome To the New Season

Full-time Report

The CFA Super League will be held at the Suzhou Olympic Sports Center tonight, the match started between Shanghai SIPG who is the CSL champion last season, and Beijing Guoan who is the champion for CFA Cup champion last season. Wang Shengchao and Lyu Wenjun from Shanghai SIPG both scored goals in the second half, to knock down the opponent, for winning the championship trophy.

In this match, the three foreign players who appear in the starting line-up is Hulk; Oscar and Elkeson, U23 MF player Wei Zhen is also appear in the list. On the defending line is Shi Ke and He Guan, on the middle field are local players Cai Huikang, Lyu Wenjun, Wang Shengchao and Fu Huan.

Especially, the match only started 4 minutes, Shanghai SIPG has received the scoring opportunities, Lyu Wenjun received the ball from his team mate, but his shoot was bounce out by the goal post. In the 9’ minute, Elkeson head the ball was also threatening the opponent.

There is another opportunity for Shanghai SIPG, but unfortunately Elkeson’s shot was kick out by the GK of Beijing Guoan. The GK Yan Junling of Shanghai SIPG also has excellent performance, first of all he has saved the ball from Bakambu; then he makes another two saves, in a close distance save the ball which shot by Bakambu.

In the second half, Shanghai SIPG scored the first goal in the 61’ minute. MF Cai Huikang intercept the ball, then the ball goes to Wang Shengchao who did not anyone to monitor, then he calmly shot the ball in. In the 66’ minute, Shanghai SIPG scored its second goal, the players was cooperate excellently, Wang Shengchao pass the ball into the penalty area, Oscar pass the ball wisely, then Lyu Wenjun followed up to shot the ball in a small angel.

In the 72’ minute, the young MF Wei Zhen from Shanghai SIPG was injured, senior player Yu Hai replace him, at the last stage of the match, two junior players Lei Wenjie and Huang Zhenfei received the opportunities to appear on the pitch.

Two goals winning over Beijing Guoan, Shanghai SIPG has received the champion of 2019 super league of CFA, they have breaking the record of the football club who has received the second champion.

After the match, the players of Shanghai SIPG line up together in front of the audiences, to thanks for the supporters who came to the stadium. It was the supporters who continued to cheer and cheer in the 90 minutes, gave the team the greatest motivation, they are the strongest back up of the team. After the award ceremony, the whole team came to the front of audience again, holding up the super league trophy and celebrate with the supporters together.

After the end of the super league, then, Shanghai SIPG will start preparing for the new season of CSL League at next weekend.


On the 1st of March ( next Friday), Shanghai SIPG shall compete against Shanghai Greenland Shenhua for the derby of first round of CSL league.




Pereira (Head coach of Shanghai SIPG)



It was a very good match, opponents have many opportunities, Finally, we won the victory. We did a lot of work for this champion, this is another champion the team has won. It is very important that, in the new season, we start with victory. Next, we must continue to work hard, we all know that this is a difficult season, there will be many difficult matches to face. But today we are going to celebrate this trophy, I am very satisfied with the players, satisfied with everyone in the team, I am very honored to be their coach.


Today, we must score mentally, I will give 10 points, everyone showed a very good spirit in order to win the match. We know that the team needs time to continue to improve their skills and tactics, for example, when you have a ball, you need to improve your self-confidence. But I have to mention, we did a good job today, to play out continuity. Our club and supporters, and the city of Shanghai deserves another champion. This champion is a reward for everyone, a return to the players' family, they are always support the players.

I've been coaching this team for over a year, I think we can switch to different tactics and style of play. For different match, we will use different tactics and style of play, my players also have this ability. Next is the derby in the first match of the league, this is going to be very difficult, but I have to enjoy this moment today, for the next match, let's think about it tomorrow.

Schmidt(Head coach of Beijing Guoan): First of all I would like to congrats Shanghai SIPG for winning the champion of super league, actually we played very well today, most of the time we have take dominate of the match. And create many opportunities as well as the last attack. But the match still depends on the result who can be called the hero.

We have the chance to finish the match in many times, but we didn’t make it. For the first goal, it was very sudden, the opponent moved really quickly, this has forming a good opportunity to shoot the goal. Then we have lost the second goal, which cause difficult to find the pace of the match again. So all of us will be upset by today's failure, because we did not turn the advantages on the pitch for good results.

Starting Line-up

 GK: Yan Junling

 DF: Wei Zhen ( 72’ Yu Hai ), He Guan, Shi Ke

 MF: Fu Huan ( 89’ Lei Wenjie), Lyu Wenjun, Cai Huikang, Oscar, Wang Shengchao

 FW: Hulk ( 90’ Huang Zhenfei ), Elkeson



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