The Flames. 【Wu Lei is crowned "Top Scorer" for scoring 27 goals in the season】Pereira: I am satisfied with the whole season and I would like to work harder for the next season.





This afternoon, for the 30th round of CSL league, 16 teams, total of 8 matches to kick off at the same time.

Shanghai SIPG has already won the champion in the previous round, in this match, the coach made an appropriate rotation of the squad, to give more opportunities to these young players. The GK position, Sun Le replace Yan Junling; Yu Hao has appear on the defend line in starting line-up, in the middle field, Zhang Yi partnered with Cai Huikang and Oscar; on the attack line the team has arrange Elkeson; Wu Lei and Lyu Wenjun.

Finally, Shanghai SIPG lost to opponent by 2 to 3, two players Zhang Yi and Li Shenglong each of them scored one goal for the team.

Shanghai SIPG scored goals just two minutes before the opening, Zhang Yi's strong shot in the penalty area broke through the home team's goal. In the 22’ minute, Tianjin Quanjian draw up the score. In the 31’ minute, Zhao Xurui who was replace the other player help the team to get the score. In the 35’ minute, Yang Xu from Tianjin Quanjian has a long shot ahead of the big restricted area to change the score into 3 to 1. At the end of half time, Shanghai SIPG is lag behind.

At the beginning of second half, Shanghai SIPG sent Chen Binbin and Li Shenglong to replace Lyu Wenjun and Elkeson. At Tianjin Quanjian side also replace the strongest attacking point Brazilian star Pato. In 69’ minute, Shanghai SIPG retrieve a goal, Oscar kick a corner goal, Cai Huikang head the ball, then Li Shenglong touches the opponent defender into the net. In 88’ minute, Yang Xu from Tianjin Quanjian was punished by a red card for stepping up on Zhang Yi from Shanghai SIPG.

Finally, Shanghai SIP lost 2:3 at the away game, the CSL league is all over.




Wu Lei scored 27 goals, to be crowned as top scorer for CSL league in this season.




Pereira ( head coach of Shanghai SIPG)

I'm not too happy because lose the game, this may be a typical result. We have just won the championship, sometimes players are not concentrated on the pitch. Of course, this is a tough match, we have important players who are not on the pitch, and I try to give some young players a chance to play.


Actually, I think we played well in the second half, to show our own spirit, we are trying to score goals, to win the match, of course we have lost at the end. This is a fair result, the opponent played very well in the first half.



Mention about Li Shenglong, he is a solider, have strong mental power, on the pitch, he will dedicate everything to the team, I like him very much.


The last thing to say is, I am very satisfied with this season, we have experienced a tough season. This is a great season for our coaching team, players, clubs and supporters.


Of course, next we are going to start thinking about the next season.


Piao Zhongjun ( head coach of Tianjin Quanjian): We didn’t play well against Beijing Guoan for the previous home game, today the players obey the coach's technical and tactical arrangements, contribute a wonderful match to the supporters, therefore I am very happy for this.


There is still a gap between us in the first half and the second half, in the second half, Pato went on the offensive, so defending is not very good. Football is like this, it's not the players that decide everything, but the team which needs to work together.


Starting Line-up


GK: Sun Le

DFWang Shengchao; He Guan; Yu Hao; Zhang Wei ( 90’ Zhang Huachen)

MF: Zhang Yi; Cai Huikang; Oscar

FW: Wu Lei; Elkeson ( 46’ Li Shenglong); Lyu Wenjun ( 46’ Chen Binbin)

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