The Flames. 【Strive forward towards the dream】Philip: Make every effort to fight for the last two league!


The 28th round of CSL league is going to be held at Tianhe stadium in Guangzhou this evening. The visitor Shanghai SIPG has won over Guangzhou Evergrande by 5 to 4. With the last two rounds remaining in the league, Shanghai SIPG took the lead in the league table with the advantage of 5 points.

In this match, the starting line-up list in first round of Shanghai SIPG was compared with the previous round, the only changes is Akhmedov has replace Elkeson. On the defend line are Wu Lei, Hulk and Lyu Wenjun; MF Akhmedov has partnered with Oscar and Cai Huikang. At the center He Guan has come back from injury, but was appear in the substitution list.

In the first half, Shanghai SIPG has scored goals first, at the 14’ minute Hulk has kick corner ball, Lyu Wenjun head the ball in. Guangzhou Evergrande in the 30’ minute also kick a coordinate ball, Paulinho head the ball in. In the 40’ minute, Shanghai SIPG again takes the lead, Cai Huikang scored the goal. But before the end of the first half, Guangzhou Evergrande scored two goals. First one was Alan head the ball from free kick, then Evergrande attacked the corner kick, it was scored by Paulinho. At the end of the half match, Shanghai SIPG was lagging behind at 2:3.

In the second half, Shanghai SIPG player Hulk received the ball from Wu Lei, he then tie up the score, the total number of goals in the season has increased to 26, it also tied up the record of Li Jinyu have created in single league of the season, it only has two goals behind Elkeson who have scored 28 goals in the singe season of the league.

In the 79’ minute, SIPG has led third times in this match, the DF of Guangzhou Evergrande Zhang Chenglin makes own goal. In the 87’ minute, Hulk broke into the penalty area and was defeated by Paulinho, he personally shot the penalties. Although Guangzhou Evergrande scored a penalty kick from Alan at the additional time, but in the end, Shanghai SIPG  has won the key match of the victory.

Next round, Shanghai SIPG will play against Beijing Renhe in home ground, it takes only a tie to win the title of CSL league in advance.


Philip ( assistant coach of Shanghai SIPG)

My throat was hoarse. Today, we saw a brilliant match, both teams play very well, like what I said before the match, we all play offensive football, will score many goals. We played an excellent match, and we are very happy, we came to Guangzhou to win the game with our own fighting spirit.


I think we played pretty well in the first half, to get the goal first. Of course, Guangzhou Evergrande is a strong team, they changed their scores after wheezing. At half time, we have always emphasized that players should believe in themselves, we must continue to maintain confidence and conviction, maintain the good attitude, finally, we won the three points we wanted.


Both teams are very strong, as you can see, both teams keep scoring goals.

He Guan and Yu Hai did not appear in the starting line- up because of injuries, but it can't be said that those who replace them do not play well, but they are playing very hard, also very competitive in the competition. Losing four goals is not a question of defense, it’s about the whole team.


About Elkeson, I don't usually comment on players after the match, we will discharge players who meet our technical and tactical requirements. The coach likes Elkeson very much, but as a competition, we must consider the question from the point of view of technology and tactics.


This week, we are train very hard, the players know very well what their duties are on the pitch, what we need to do is to do well according to the instructions. But the league is not end yet, we still have two matches to play, and still need to get six points. Only got enough points, the we can become champion. Now we still have one point, there are still two matches left, the opponent is very strong, they would like to get point from us. We will try our best to play well in the remaining two matches.


Today was only a three points match, In the past seven years, China's top champions are Guangzhou Evergrande, they have received very good results. For us, we are fight for the champion and work hard, every match is going to fight for victory.


Cannavaro ( head coach of Guangzhou Evergrande): The mistake we made in this match was to end the competition with personal ability. If we look at the other matches, we have been relying on the team. The whole process of match, after the first half of the match, we have taking the lead on the score, the victory should be held safely in the hands, but there is only one reason, it's individualism.


Be honestly, before the match, I thought we could score three or four goals, but we did not expect that we would lose five. We lost a total of 33 goals in the season, Fuli 5 goals, Shanghai SIPG 5 goals. We seem to have such war, and forget about the team.


Unfortunately, after the summer training, it is very difficult for the team to move forward. I also take this opportunity to congratulate Shanghai SIPG, they are the only team to win our team this year. They have used the right method, counterattack and ball orientation, finally achieved the desired results.




Starting Line-up


GKYan Junling

DF: Fu Huan, Wang Shengchao, Shi Ke, Zhang Wei ( 66’ He Guan)

MFAkhmedov, Cai Huikang, Oscar

FW: Wu Lei, Hulk, Lyu Wenjun ( 90’ Li Shenglong)

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