The Flames. Shanghai SIPG received a victory in home game, Wu Lei scored two goals, total of 98 goals which makes him the top scorer in the CSL league


Tonight, in the 25th round of CSL league, Shanghai SIPG received a victory and beat Guizhou Hengfeng for 5 to 0. Wang Shengchao to be the first to break the record, Wu Lei scored two goals, Oscar first assist Elkeson and then assist Hulk.

This match is based on the latest U23 regulation, head coach of Shanghai SIPG Pereira has not arranged U23 player to appear in the first start line-up. Oscar, Hulk and Elkeson these three Brazilian players has appeared in the line-up, on the right back DF position, Wang Shengchao has replaced Fu Huan.

In the first half, home team Shanghai SIPG take the initiative, Guizhou Hengfeng's rapid counterattack also made several threatening attacks. In the 23’ minute, Lyu Wenjun passes on the right side, Wang Shenchao rushed to the top of the penalty area to break the goal post. When half time ended, Shanghai SIPG has lead the score of 1 to 0.

In the second half, Shanghai SIPG has fasten the pace of attack, further enhance the attack. In the 47’ minute, Hulk and Wu Lei has made double pass, captain assist Wu Lei to score the 22th goals for this season, this goal has made Wu Lei to exceed Hao Haidong, to become the second who scored the most goals in the CSL league. After 5 minutes, Oscar pass it from right, assist Elkeson to head the goal in, and change the score into 3 to 0. Then just after two minutes, Wu Lei scored the second goal, Lyu Wenjun pass the ball into penalty area, Wu Lei beat the offside trap, wisely entered into the opponent's entire rear defense line, break through by individual. Wu Lei scored two goals, the number of goals in the league has reached 23 this season, continue to rank first in the top scorer list.

In the 81’ minute, Shanghai SIPG will continue to scored goals, Oscar dribbling from middle to the penalty area, pass it to Hulk, then he breaking the goal post, to scored the 5th goals in this match for Shanghai SIPG. Oscar also made 18 assists, ranked first in the CSL list and which has breaks the record.

After winning this match, Shanghai SIPG continue to rank at the first position. Then, CSL league will enter the two weeks break, the next match for Shanghai SIPG will be on the 21st October ( Sunday), the 26th round to compete against Jiangsu Suning.


Philip ( assistant coach of Shanghai SIPG )

I think this is a great match, especially in the second half, we have performed very well. This opponent is hard to deal with, the match was tough, especially in the first half. We played a very high level in the second half, and scored some goals.  

Next match, Hulk and He Guan are suspended, but we will definitely find a solution, to play against Jiangsu Suning. We will choose the best way to prepare for this match, we will find a way to win the next match.

Vali ( assistant coach of Guizhou Hengfeng): Before evaluating the match, I would like to apologized to the supporters who came all the way from Guizhou, makes everyone disappointed.

Our performance is not satisfactory, everyone is not performed well. We played too cautiously in the first half, having lost a ball has had an impact on the situation on the pitch. At halftime, we also emphasized to the players, Shanghai SIPG is desperate want to get the champion, it will have many attacks as possible, but those minutes were personal mistakes, we lost the ball continuously, but t is a pity that we have failed.

Starting Line-up


 GK: Yan Junling

DF: Wang Shengchao, He Guan, Shi Ke, Yu Hai ( 83’ Zhang Wei)

MF: Lyu Wenjun, Cai Huikang, ( 66’ Zhang Yi), Oscar

FD: Hulk, Elkeson( 74’ Li Shenglong)Wu Lei

Highlights Part 1

Before the match, the guest of glorious moment Lu Kaizhong has come to the stadium, he works in the construction industry, almost participated in the construction of every subway line in Shanghai. In his work, he led the team in tackling difficulties, solve one problem after another, it has made an indelible contribution to the construction of Shanghai rail transit.


Under thousand of supporters, Lu Kaizhong has talked about the reason behind is he always focus the team, he thinks the sprit on the pitch which perform by the players is the same as he has experience in his work, for some extent was helpful, in such way it's helpful to the individual's work and football brings a different color to his life.


Highlights Part 2

When the players finished playing the match has come to the west of stand, presenting gifts for supporter’s representatives and media representatives who participated in the activity which taking place in September, and send a mysterious mission card in October.

The activity in October is a continuation of the one taking place in September, in this CSL season, the supporters of Shanghai SIPG will taking place on the 13th October for this activity. What tasks will they accomplish in their activities? Let us wait!

Besides that, on the 22nd September, after “angel baby watch Shanghai SIPG”, tonight, we have more or less 20 babies came to the stadium to watch the match. Hope every single of our home game, can bring many joyfulness to these “angel babies”.


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