The Flames. Shanghai SIPG beat Guoan in away game, continue to take the lead, Pereira: The next game is always important


Tonight, at the end of the 24th round of CSL league, Shanghai SIPG beat Beijing Guoan by 1 to 0 in away match. Wu Lei assist Hulk in the second half to score the only goal for the entire match.

This match Shanghai SIPG has used the three Brazilian players, Elkeson on the attack line, U23 player Lei Wenjie positioned with Wu Lei for left and right; on the middle field was Oscar, Hulk and Cai Huikang; on the defend line was the same as last round with Changchun Yatai.


In the first half, the home team Beijing Guoan played vey actively, the visitor team Shanghai SIPG also attack all out, both teams have several good opportunities. In 41’ minute, home team Viera used to scored one goal, but was judge by VAR for off side. Therefore they enter the half time break with 0 to 0.

In the second half, Shanghai SIPG continue to attack and threatening Beijing Guoan’s goal post. In the 66’ minute, Shanghai SIPG carry out quick counter attack, Wu Lei pass the ball to the back of Beijing Guoan, Hulk score the winning goal. After that, the home team continue to sent on the players to even the score, but Shanghai SIPG has turn down opponent’s attack. Finally, the advantage of one goal is maintained until the end of the match.

After beat Beijing Guoan in away match, Shanghai SIPG has 55 points, continue to take the lead on the league table.

On the 7th October ( next Sunday), Shanghai SIPG shall compete against Guizhou Hengfeng for the 25th round of CSL league at home ground.





Pereira ( head coach of Shanghai SIPG)


Today's match is very important, we played very well. Like what is said yesterday, the organization and tactics must be tight today, players need to play confidently, to show a strong side of us. We did a good job in the match, congrats to the plyers, now we must continue to take the following games seriously.


We have defended it very well today, to defend like a team, we did complete defending. We are compact for most of the time, has play our own style of play, to showing ambition. For us, the most important is, the players played a team spirit, have self- confident, showing the spirit of the whole team.


It was normal for Hulk to make some mistakes, when he gets the ball, there are always one or two or eve three players surrounded him, it's very difficult for him to handle the ball. But he worked hard to help the team on the pitch, and even scored a goal, I am very happy with his performance.


About few players who has three yellow cards, we will remind them to avoid getting cards as much as possible, to play more smartly. For us, the next match is always important, the next one need to get three points. The next round with Guizhou Hengfeng, we are paying a great attention as well, the opponent will fight for relegation, this team is actually very, very threatening, so we have to keep the good thing going.


Schmitt ( head coach of Beijing Guoan): First of all, congratulations to Shanghai SIPG for winning the match, this is a tough match, we performed very well in the first half, kick extremely violently, attack and intercept which we did very well too, and forward attack also done perfectly.


The ball that did not count in the first half, it has an impact on the mentality of players. This ball is hard for me to judge, the referee and side referee made their own decisions, generally speaking, the VAR was involved in the contest when there was a clear mistake, it's really hard to judge today. It's really a pity that the war has such situation.


We didn’t finish well in the second half, I think if the first half we can take down the attack, to scored goals that will be different, but unfortunately not. A mature team will face failure and difficulty, now we will pack up the mood, to meet the next challenges.



Starting Line-up


GK: Yan Junling

DF: Fu Huan, He Guan, Shi Ke, Yu Hai

Hulk ( 90’ Yu Hao), Cai Huikang, Oscar

FW: Wu Lei89Chen Binbin, Elkeson, Lei Wenjie ( 25’ Lyu Wenjun)

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