The Flames. Home Game Knock down Yatai, Shanghai SIPG continue to take lead on the league table, Pereira: Focus on the next match, we still have a long way to go





In the 23rd round of the CSL tonight, Shanghai SIPG knock down Changchun Yatai for 3 to 1, Oscar, Cai Huikang and Lyu Wenjun has scored a goal, continue to take lead on the first position at the league table.

This game, head coach of Shanghai SIPG Pereira has made se changes to the starting line-up. On the defend line, Yu Hai has back from injury to become the left defender, to replace Wang Shengcho who has accumulated four yellow card which got suspended, right defender is Fu Huan. On the middle field, captain Hulk got break, Oscar, Elkeson and Akhmedov has appear in the start line-up. Because first and second captain has not showed up, therefore Wu Lei is the captain for this match.


Shanghai SIIPG took the lead in 12’ minutes, Oscar cleverly get the ball in the restricted area of Changchun Yatai, the shot the ball in small angle. In the 21’ minute, Shanghai SIPG has scored one more goal, the goal score by Cai Huikang was assistant referee raised the flag to indicate offside, but the referee did not judge offside after watching the VAR video, the goal is effective. Before the end of the first half, Changchun Yatai score a goal back, Yu Rui headed the ball and was identified to push thee goalkeeper, but in the end, the VAR referee system fined the goal effectively. Shanghai SIPG took the lead of 2:1 and entered the half-time break.

In the 2nd half, Shanghai SIPG use Lyu Wenjun to replace Chen Binbin. In the 57’ minute, Akhmedov pass the ball to Wu Lei, then he passes it to Lyu Wenjun, who easily push and shoot, once again, the gap between the two teams was expand to two goals.


Finally Shanghai SIPG beat Changchun Yatai for 3 to 1 in home game, continue to take the lead on the league table. Next match will be taking place on the 29th September (Saturday), to compete against Beijing Guoan in away game.



Pereira ( head coach of Shanghai SIPG)


Congratulate to my players, today they did very well, because we won in three games in a very short time, today we also play very well, has control the situation. Their performance was excellent, this three points are very important for us, so I am very happy. When our player facing Changchun Yatai, at the mental level, we did a good job, show our own style of play, and we deserve three points today.


Wu Lei is a top player, it's a very characteristic player, he deserves to be one of the captain of the team. He is one of the leader of the team, with great performance.


We are ready to win the championship, this was also proved in the previous battle. When I look at the league table, I am focusing on the next match, to get three points, this is what we need to do. In other cases, we are not going to think about what kind of state it will be in the end, after all, there is still a long way to go before the end of the league, we still have a long way too go. I must say, the next match with Beijing Guoan will be very difficult, tomorrow the team will have break, then we need to prepare for this match.


The first round was lost to Changchun Yatai in away match, because we were very tired, that time we have play for ACL, and lost the penalty kick. Today is different, we have controlled the situation, although the second half we have gave opponent some space, but this is our initiative, only in this way can we have a quick counterattack, and we scored the third goal through a quick counterattack.


Chen Jingang( head coach of Changchun Yatai): Today, both teams have dedicated a wonderful and intense competition to the audience, although we lost the match, But I am very satisfied with the performance of the players on the pitch, they finished the game with great care.


Starting Line-Up

GK: Yan Junling

DF: Fu Huan ( 90’ Yu Hao), He Guan, Shi Ke, Yu Hai

MF: Akhmedov, Cai Huikang, Oscar

FW: Wu Lei ( 88’ Lei Wenjie), Elkeson, Chen Binbin ( 46’ Lyu Wenjun)



Before the match of glorious moment tonight, the PE teacher Shi Weihai from Xiangyang Primary School in Xuhui District as he is the honor supporter to come to the stadium, represent on behalf of education team, he accepted the applause from the supporters.

Shanghai SIPG has given him a late gift, a uniform which print “ 19 “ on the back, to represent the 19th home game.

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