The Flames. Shanghai SIPG beat Guangzhou Evergrande by 2 to 1 in home game, Pereira: There is a still long journey for the league, concentrate to prepare for the next round





Tonight, Shanghai SIPG has playing against Guangzhou Evergrande in Shanghai stadium. Wu Lei and Elkeson has contribute goals, to knock down opponent by 2 to 1.

This match, Yu Hai has not appearing in the start line-up, Wang Shengchao has replacing him to appear on the left back defender. The arrangement for other players, the head coach of Shanghai SIPG Pereira continue to use the same start line-up as previously play against Tianjin Teda.


In the first half, just after 47 seconds Oscar from Shanghai SIPG assist Wu Lei to score the goal, to take the first chance. This was Wu Lei’s 21st goal in this season, he has broke the record for his individual league. And his goal was also let him become the person who drawn in the second position Hao Haidong ( 96 goals) for top China league.

After that, Guangzhou Evergrande’s counter attack was very violent, attack Shanghai SIPG’s goal post 3 times, but one attack was hand ball, and other two times was off-side, therefore judge for the goal was disallowed. When the Half time ended, Shanghai SIPG is taking the lead for 1 to 1 in home ground.

In the 2nd half, Paulinho from Guangzhou Evergrande has score even in the 55’ minute. Although in the 65’ minute, the goal scored by Wu Lei was judge as off-side, but in the 71’ minute Shanghai SIPG has made some excellent coordination on free kick. Oscar to assist Elkeson has scored the victory goal. Under such circumstances, Shanghai SIPG has won Guangzhou Evergrande for the first time in the history of league.


By won this match, Shanghai SIPG has 4 points odds on the 1st position of the CSL league table. The next match for Shanghai SIPG is to compete against Changchun Yatai on the 22nd September ( this Saturday) at home ground.



Pereira ( head coach of Shanghai SIPG)

This is a tough match, I am happy with the result, as well as the players for their hard play and strength. To face such strong opponent, actually we can perform even better. But in the first half, we have not control the match good enough, but it was better in the second half.


To received the victory is very important, the players are under good condition, now I need to prepare for the next league.


To let them score even, we think that we can take down the match, 1 to 1 draw means both teams has chances. In the second half, we have some improvement, and create some opportunities, to change by make balance of the match. We have lost control in the first half, did not do well, the opponent have made some excellent passing, the control on the middle field is not good enough as well.


Until end of the league there is still a long way to go, the CSL league is very tough, there are four to five teams has the ability to win at the finals, so every match needs to get points. If not concentrate properly, it’s easy to lose points, we have a tough match on Saturday. The current position is good for us, this is the encouragement to the team, but don’t forget we have many leagues need to play. Now we have to calm down, concentrate to focus for the next league.

Cannavaro ( head coach of Guangzhou Evergrande): I think, the champion will still belong to us. I am very proud today, and satisfied with the performance with our players. From 1 minute to 90 minutes of Shanghai SIPG’s home ground, the players are listening to my instructions, frequently threaten opponent goal post, we have creating many opportunities today, but the luck is not by our side.


Of course, under such process of match, but did not take points back, we are a bit shameful. But there are still 8 leagues until the end, I have said in the change room, not the difference of 4, but only one point behind. The remaining 8 leagues, there is still opportunity for us, Shanghai SIPG and Beijing Guoan, maybe our league is more advantage for us. We will play well, start from compete against Jiangsu Suning.


Regarding that mistake on ball of coordination, actually the coordination ball which Shanghai SIPG has cooperate, we have watching the videos 3 times before the match. But sometimes, this is difficult and anything could happen.  I think the match has been disturb too many times, especially the team like us require many passed and receive the ball, high intensity on movement, so this has impact us a lot.



Start Line-up

Yan Junling

DF: Fu Huan; He Guan; Shi Ke; Wang Shengchao

Hulk ( 84’ Lei Wenjie); Cai Huikang; Oscar

FW: Wu Lei ( 90’ Yu Hao); Elkeson; Chen Binbin ( 28’ Lyu Wenjun)


In the glorious moment before the match, Captain Hao Jiafeng from Shanghai Airlines was the guest for today’s glorious supporter has come to the stadium.


Until today, Hao Jiafeng has flying for 15 years, in such long journey, Captain Hao is always passion for football, and he is a loyal supporter for Shanghai SIPG. Everytime there is no task for flying, he will always focus on news and league for Shanghai SIPG, or watching match at home, or go to the stadium to watch it.

In the stadium, captain Hao showing his passion for football again, to scream the slogan of “Shanghai SIPG, Non-stoppable”, to enhance the atmosphere before start of the match.


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