The Flames. Elkeson and Hulk make great contributions, Shanghai SIPG beat Henan Construction in home game


Tonight for the 20th round of CSL league, Shanghai SIPG beat Henan Construction by 2 to 1, to received four victories, Elkeson and Hulk both them has scored one goal.

In this match, the top scorer Wu Lei of Shanghai SIPG accumulate four yellow card got suspended, Lyu Wenjun replace him. Three foreign players are Hulk; Oscar and Elkeson, there is no big changes on the other positions for starting line-up.

In the first half, Shanghai SIPG takes the initiative actively. In the 20minute, Oscar pass the ball from right to center, Elkeson jumped up and shoot the ball in. In the 44 minute, Shanghai SIPG scored another goal, Oscar makes a corner kick, Yu Hai stop the ball, then Hulk follow up to shoot in. When the half time ended, Shanghai SIPG takes the lead of 2 to 0.

In the second half, both teams have play very harsh. In the 62minute, FW of Henan Construction Ricardo scored individually, although assistant referee judge was off side first, but VAR referee to take a look back of the video, to judge was the goal, the away team got one goal back. Finally, Shanghai SIPG take the lead until the finishing of the game, the result of 2 to 1 was the 4th victory of this season for CSL league.

On the league ranking table, Shanghai SIPG and Beijing Guoan both of them continue to take the lead. The next league will be on the 1st September ( next Saturday), to compete against Hebei China Fortune for away game.



Pereira ( Head coach of Shanghai SIPG)

Until this time of the season, to win the match was very difficult, every team is fighting very hard to achieved their target. This is a very tough game, I am very glad to receive three points.


Elkeson was not just scored excellent goals, he has also do many things, play very hard, fight powerful, and this is what most important for us.

Zhang Wailong ( Head coach of Henan Construction FC): Thank you to my players have not given up until the las moment and fight till the end. We have lost two goals too quickly, this has cause disadvantage to the game. After the half time summary report, the second half tactic arrangement has been carried out, everyone has performed well. We will play well in the rest of game, to received better results.

Starting Line-up

GK: Yan Junling

DF: Wang Shengchao ( 90Zhang Wei); He Guan; Shi Kei; Yu Hai

MF: Oscar; Cai Huikang; Lyu Wenjun (76Zhang Yi)

FW: Hulk; Elkeson; Lei Wenjie ( 53Li Shenglong)


Tonight, in the part of glorious moment was Xu Jinyang who is a grade 4 student from Fengbang Primary school. Because the fan club which he join in was one of the family member of Shanghai Youth Academy, When Xu Jinyang step in two years ago, with other club mate together to watch the match of Shanghai SIPG, he is soon become one of the fan as well. Under his influence, his family was also slowly change their life habit, not just watch the match through television, but also taking Xu Jinyang to the Shanghai stadium.

Soon, Xu Jinyang and his family have join in Shanghai Jiading Boji fan club, to purchase the season tickets, to arrive on occasion. In his ordinary time he is influence by the drummer of the fan club, start to practice on his own, he is not just addicted to it, but also has great performance. Now, if we can hear the voice of cheering up from the fan club, indeed we can hear and searching Xu Jinyangs drum.


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