The Flames. Wu Lei Break the RecordShanghai SIPG held down Shenhua for 2 to 0 at home ground






In tonights 17th round of CSL league, Shanghai SIPG held down Shanghai Greenland Shenhua for 2 to 0. Wu Lei contribute the 1st goal to the team, and he has become the top scorer in the history of CSL league.


For this match, head coach of Shanghai SIPG Pereira has arranged Hulk; Oscar and Elkeson these three Brazilian players to appear in the start line-up, U23 player is still Lei Wenjie. Besides that two defend players Yu Hai and Wang Shengchao who has taking the break last time was back to the squad.


In the first half both teams has played very tough with many attack and defend. In the 31minute Shanghai SIPG sent Lyu Wenjun to replace Lei Wenjie, to improve attack. When the half time ended, both teams are held 0 to 0 temporarily.


In the second half, Shanghai SIPG has received some good feedback on the attack. In the 52 minute, Oscar shoot a direct free kick, Wu Lei followed the ball and make a volley from a small angle. This was his 14th goals in this season, continue to take the lead on the scorer table. This was also his 89th goals in his CSL league career, to exceed former MF Hanpeng in Shandong Luneng for scoring 88 goals, to be named as top scorer in the CSL history. In the 73 minute, Hulk was held down by the opponent during attack, and he has received a penalty goal, it was successfully scored to lock the victory.


Finally Shanghai SIPG held down Shanghai Greenland Shenhua for 2 to 0 at home ground. The next CSL match for the team will be on the 15th August (next Wednesday) to compete against Guangzhou R&F at home.



Pereira ( Head coach of Shanghai SIPG)

Today the game was very intense, our team deserve the final results. I am satisfied with the team performance, the players are non-stop running on the pitch, work together, this is very important for us.


Regarding I pass a little message to Wu Lei, because I think I must make some changes, especially strategy for defending, to keep everything under control, so I wrote the instruction on the paper. To ask Wu Lei pass to the other players, to let them know quickly what they must do next.


Before each game, we will spend time to practice ball coordination technique. I am very glad we have scored goals, the goal scored by Wu Lei was excellent, and so far he is the best player in China.


Wu Lei is the player who has technique and has its own characteristic, this makes him the top player. Actually I was not only satisfied with his goals, but his contribution on attacking for the team, I let him to be involved with attacking and assist to attack, he will take immediate actions, he always consider for the team, this is the most important. I believe he will score more goals in his football career.


If we are looking at the numbers of scoring and losing goals, I can said the team are balance on the attack and defend, our attack is equal with Shandong Luneng to have less possession, and leading on the net goals, we did very well. Because we are good at carrying forward and we are very stable and fairly balance.


Wu Jingui ( Head coach of Shanghai Greenland Shenhua): Congrats to Shanghai SIPG for winning the match. For entire match, both teams are played very well, it is relevant to the point. We havent solve some of the problems, this caused we lose the ball. The players have played well with their own level, but we still need to go back and summarized some details.


We have some injuries at defend MF, the change of effect is not bad, to stop the opponent for their attacking, it was successful, didnt lose the ball on the position. Two young players, I am satisfied with their performance.

Start Line-Up

GK: Yan Junling

DF: Wang Shengchao; He Guan ( 79Fu Huan); Shi Kei; Yu Hai

MF: Hulk; Cai Huikang ( 84Lin Chuangyi); Oscar

FW: Wu Lei; Elkeson; Lei Wenjie ( 31 Lyu Wenjun)



Today during the glorious moment we have seen two lovely young supporters, they are coming from one of the youth academy called Jixiang FC, Chen Yueyun is a forwarder, his favorite player is captain Hulk, and he hopes he can have the speed and power like him. They are both the students of Shanghai East experimental school, last month he has represent his academy to go to Spain, together with Valencia and some top European FC talent team to exchange communication, to build solid foundation for the future professional league.



At the same time, Shanghai stadium expecting six hundreds of special supporters, they are the Youth players from 2018 Shanghai SIPG youth academy, they are coming from all over the provinces, together to support the derby game and Shanghai SIPG.

And also, the giant TIFO which print it always be ready was display on top of the seats, use their own power to cheer up for the team, to strength in the future of Shanghai SIPG football.

We also hope for all the young players and supporters from Shanghai SIPG youth academy, from now on continue to move forwards in this journey, to fulfil the football dreams, for Chinese Football , for Shanghai SIPG, for yourself to write a new page with no regrets.

Thanks to the players, coaches and all relevant staff from both teams, under such hot weather, to play a wonderful derby game for twenty thousand supporters who came to the stadium and for those who sits in front of the television.


At the same time, thanks to the Policeman and security staff and volunteers, for your contribution, to make every match running smoothly.

Tonights Derby game in Shanghai, for everyone who loved football, it will be brilliant!


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