The Flames. Shanghai SIPG missed penalty, stop at quarterfinals of CFA Cup


Tonight, the 2nd round of quarter final for CFA Cup in this season, Shanghai SIPG held Beijing Guoan to the score of 2 to 1, final score as 3 to 3 draw. In the additional time of 30 minutes, both teams have no goal. Finally, Beijing Guoan has scored all five penalty goals, to knock down Shanghai SIPG which scored four goals, then they have promoted to the semi-finals.

In the start line-up of Shanghai SIPG, Elkeson has replaced captain Hulk who has accumulated two yellow cards which got suspended from playing the match, the other position has no changed. Just 3 minutes of the game, Shanghai SIPG has almost score a goal, Elkeson received the corner kick which he took the header but was hit on the goal post. In the 19 minutes, Shanghai SIPG break the deadlock, Yu Hai who has involved in the mass, scored the goal by push shot. In the 39 minutes, Shanghai SIPG continued to score, Oscar kick from the right corner, Cai Huikang head the ball to scored. When the halftime ended, Shanghai SIPG leads the score by 2:0.

In the second half, Beijing Guoan has improved the attack, Shanghai SIPG also has few counter attack opportunities. During the additional time, Beijing Guoan received two opportunities of free kick, Viera to score by direct free kick, to change the score into 2 to 1. After 90 minutes, both team held to a 3 to 3 draw, the number of goals scored in away game is also the same, the game has entered the additional time.

Both teams were exhausted in extra time, unable to rewrite the score.

In the battle of penalty, Elkeson start as first appearance shot on the goal post then bounce out, rest of the four players all scored. But Beijing Guoan all converted the penalty kick, to receive the final victory.

This weekend Shanghai SIPG will return to CSL league, to compete against Beijing Renhe on the 28th July ( this Saturday) for 14th round of CSL in away game.



Pereira ( head coach of Shanghai SIPG)

It is very difficult to understand and accept why we are out of the CFA cup. In the last minute of the league, the opponent got a free kick from a key position. We played very well before, scored two goals, and have many opportunities to score the third goal. But in the end we lost the penalty battle. Sometimes this is football, we are out, but I am proud of the players' performance, they have tried their best, according to todays performance, it should not be such a result.

Next we must concentrate, keep moving forward, train hard to prepare for the next match. The most important thing now is to recover well.

In the second half I am expecting my players to score the third the goal, for Beijing Guoan this is normal, they are falling behind therefore need to take the risk. In fact, we also have 3 opportunities on the counter attack in the second half, but we didnt score, maybe this is football.

As for pressure, actually, the pressure comes from myself, I always give pressure to myself. Because I want to win, to play well, want the team to score, and to improve the technical and tactical level of our team.

We are a team, therefore to win together, to lose together, because we are as a whole. And I am the head coach for this team, therefore I need to take the responsibility for this team.

Schmidt ( head coach of Beijing Guoan): Truly this is a crazy match, We had a very serious problem in the first half. Shanghai SIPG played very well, full physical strength, but we are lack of energy, spend almost 45 minutes to get use to the rhythm of the match. During the half time I have told the players, we have to focus on the basic things in the second half, as we only need to score one goal. We can promote to the next round in away match, this is our players effort, there have showing their indomitable spirit and strength on the pitch, it was magnificent.

I am confidence with team's scoring ability, as long as we have steady back up. Of course, it is lucky to score goals so late, but we did our best in extra time, also play attack very well. We have some luck in the final penalty kick battle, generally we have play very well.

Starting Line-up

 GK: Yan Junling
DF: Wang Shengchao, He Guan, Shi Ke, Yu Hai ( 89Sun Jungang)
 MF: Akhmedov ( 89 Yu Hao), Cai Huikang, Oscar
FW: Wu Lei,Elkeson, Chen Binbin ( 65Lyu Wenjun)



At the glorious moment before the match start, the principal dancer Hou Tengfei arrived on time, the supporters also greeted him with applause as a compliment. On the spot, his life is also full of practicing, performances and competitions, he has praise the players of Shanghai SIPG, he expressed himself as a professional actor, understand the pressure on the players, also admire them for being able to bear the physical pressure which ordinary people cannot imagine, to maintain good competitive condition for a long time

Hou Tengfei has mentioned it was not just dancing, football is also full of artistic elements, he commend without hesitation by calling the players as football artistic on the pitch, hope they can continue the magnificent style of play, at the same time do a good job in defending, step by step keep moving forward, to create their own stage. Finally, Hou Tengfei show us the uniform which received by the presenter, to cheer up Shanghai SIPG, unstoppable, motivate the other supporters to rolling the drum.

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