The Flames. 【Hulk Scored Two Goals, But Shanghai SIPG still out of Top 8 for ACL Champion League】Thanks to the supporters, Fight Again Next Year!


Tonight, in the second round of ACL champion league quarter final, Shanghai SIPG has beat Kashima Antlers from Japan by 2 to 1, but total score of 3 to 4 lost the match which has stop the journey of ACL champion league for this season.

The captain of Shanghai SIPG Hulk is back, Elkeson was absent due to his injury. Head coach Pereira made some changes on the attacking line, Fu Huan is taking the position as right back, Wang Shengchao replace Yu Hai to play at left back. On the forward line, Lyu Wenjun is back on time, together with Wu Lei and Hulk to become the attacking line.

At the beginning, Shanghai SIPG did it very well, first was Wu Lei shot the ball which testing the GK of Kashima Antlers. In the 6’minute, Shanghai SIPG has a free kick, Hulk shoot in the ball in the penalty area. After that, both teams have several attacks and defends, Kashima Antlers player Shoma Doi tied up the score. When the half time ended, both teams are 1 to 1 draw, in the two rounds Shanghai SIPG was 2 to 4 behind.

When the second half started, Shanghai SIPG has replace Li Shenglong, Yu Hai to continue attack. In the 79’minute, Li Shenglong head the ball to the opponent’s arm in the penalty area, Shanghai SIPG received a penalty goal, Hulk who shot the ball get scored his second goal. But unfortunately, during the last period of time, although Shanghai SIPG plays very hard, but still didn’t scored the third goal, therefore has to said goodbye to the final eight.

Here, the club would like to thanks to the twenty thousand supporters to cheer up for the team. Although the team did not promote to the next stage, but under such atmosphere, Shanghai SIPG has trying all their best, continue the good result. Thanks to all the supporters, we are fight again next year.

On the 20th May ( this Sunday), Shanghai SIPG is expecting the 11th round of CSL league, to compete against Jiangsu Suning in home ground, the team will continue to move forward, and to win the match.


Pereira ( head coach of Shanghai SIPG)



We tried very hard in the match, tries every possible solution to get good results. Of course we are not satisfied with the result, but today I am very happy with our player’s performance, everyone has tried their best. It’s a pity that we didn’t succeed in the end.

Now we should pay attention to the super league, the next match is waiting for us which will be very important. After that, we will have some tie to carry out technical and tactical training, to improve our capabilities on attack and defend. As you know for the past one month, we have been travelling and playing games, so there is no time to practice tactical and technical skills.

We have played very well in the first half, scored one goal, but after the opponent scored the goal, there is some lack of concentration. As you know we are a strong team. In the second half, if the team has scored goals as early as possible, we will have to chances to turn the page. Tomorrow

As for some conflicts on the bench, as you know Football game is not an opera, opera is whether you sit quietly, while football match is mixed with emotion. This match is over, we need to focus on the next one.

Here I would like to thanks to our medical department, because of their excellent work, they have create miracles, to help Hulk back to the pitch, not just appear in the starting line-up but also played for full time. Their work is outstanding, unbelievable.

Whether Hulk can finally play or not, depend on the medical department, depend on Hulk’s feeling. This is what I can’t decide, because I am not doctor, and not player. Today, the medical team and player told me he can be able to play, simple as that.

Speaking of the defend line of the team, I am confident in my work, if we have time to carry out technical and tactical skills, then everything is possible, but we don’t have such condition, some problems will come. Before the defending and attacking are very good, we have no time to fix mistakes in tactics for the past month, we can only correct by oral speaking, so there is problem. We have many defender players who selected into the national team, because the coach of national team realized their advantages, to think there are good players, this is the reason why they were selected.


Hulk ( Player of the Match)


 It was a pity, our dream of ACL has ended. Football is like this, all I have to do next is raise my head, dedicated to the next game, everyone is united together to take down the next important match.

I would like to thanks to our medical department, my injury normally takes f4 weeks to recover, but only takes me 12 days to go back to the pitch. Although my injury is not fully recovered, it does impact on my performance, but my determination to help the team is 100%. I am also fully confident in the medical team, they can help me to higher the level of performance and to win the match.

Go Oiwa (head coach of Kashima Antlers):Although we lost the match, but still advance to the next round due to the total scores. Shanghai SIPG performed very well today, if we scored the second goal, then we can control the match, but we didn’t. Unfortunately we have survived from this situation, I am glad that we are promoted to the next round.


Appearance List

GK: Yan Junling

DF: Fu Huan; He Guan; Shi Ke; Wang Shengchao ( 46’Yu Hai )

MF: Akhmedov, Cai Huikang ( 46’Li  Shenglong), Oscar

FW: Hulk, Lyu Wenjun ( 73’Zhang Yi )



The glorious moment before the match is touching, all supporters light up their phone, to sing the song and cheer up for the team, although the team did not enter the final eight of ACL champion league, but believed every supporters will take this moment to their heart.

The supporter of tonight’s glorious moment is Zhen Haibo from Shanghai transportation commission, the presenter Mr Haobo has greeting it who has the same name as him. Because Zhen Haibo’s daily work was related to car number plate, so he has making jokes regarding to this with him. At the stadium, Zheng Haobo shouting out loud by saying the slogan : ”Shanghai SIPG, Unstoppable, as well to explain the two definition for the word power.


Driven by Mr Haibo and Zhang Song, all the supporters raised their cellphones, light up the light, at that moment, the Shanghai stadium was blaze with stars, all supporters sing 《歌唱祖国》to cheer up for the team.

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