Poster. The Star of Victory

Shanghai SIPG ended the 1st leg of eighth finals for ACL champion league

Fly back from Japan to Shanghai today

Will fly the next destination tomorrow- Gui Yang

The team shall play on the 12th May for the 6th round of CSL League

Compete against Guizhou Hengfeng in away game

Although the continuous road trip is difficult

But you have always been around the team.

Thank you for stand by me

Let's find the star of victory together




Record between two teams

2017-08-19  Guizhou Hengfeng 2:1 Shanghai SIPG CSL

2017-05-06  Shanghai SIPG 3:0 Guizhou Hengfeng CSL

2011-10-30  Shanghai East Asia 0:0 Guizhou Zhicheng League B

2011-06-11  Guizhou Zhicheng 1:1 Shanghai East Asia League B


Recent 5 records for Shanghai SIPG


2018-05-09  Kashima Antlers 3:1 Shanghai SIPG ACL

2018-05-05  Shanghai SIPG 1:2 Beijing Guoan CSL

2018-05-02  Shanghai SIPG 4:3 Beijing Renhe CFA Cup

2018-04-29  Changchun Yatai 2:1 Shanghai SIPG CSL

2018-04-25  Shaanxi Chang'an Athletic 0:1 Shanghai SIPG CFA Cup



Recent 5 records for Guizhou Hengfeng


2018-05-06  Tianjin Teda 5:1 Guizhou Hengfeng CSL

2018-05-02  Guizhou Hengfeng 6:3 Guangzhou Evergrande CFA Cup

2018-04-29  Beijing Guoan 4:3 Guizhou Hengfeng CSL

2018-04-25  Heilongjiang Lava Spring 1:2 Guizhou Hengfeng CFA Cup

2018-04-21  Guizhou Hengfeng 2:5 Changchun Yatai CSL


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