The Flame. Yan Junling save the ball successfullyShanghai SIPG determine the victory of opponent by 4 to 3, qualify for the final eight of CFA Cup




In tonight 5th round of CFA Cup for this season, Shanghai SIPG went through penalty kick battle to eliminate Beijing Renhe by 4 to 3, in the 90 minute both team held the match 0 to 0 draw.


In this match, head coach Pereira take the starting     line up to do some rotations. On the defend line, Yu Hai and Wang Shengchao is taking the break, Zhang Wei and Fu Huan become left and right defender; MF Lyu Wenjun has replace Akhmedov; on the attack line Wu Lei is sitting on the substitute bench, Elkeson; Hulk and Chen Binbin has appear in the starting line up.

In the first half, Oscar was head injured in the 6 minute, was sending off the pitch, Wu Lei replace him to appear .The competition between the two teams was fierce, but they didn't create anything really threatening. When the first half ended, Shanghai SIPG held down beijing Renhe to a draw.

In the second h    alf, the match is still goes nowhere, although Shanghai SIPG has control the situation, but still can't break the Beijing Renhes goal post in regular time,the match was dragged into the final penalty shoot - out.

In the battle of penalty kick, although Lyu Wenjun has lose the goal, but the GK Yan Junling from Shanghai SIPG save the ball whick shoot by Chen Jie and Augusto of Beijing Renhe , finally Shanghai SIPG has promoted to this years final eight for CFA Cup.

The next competitor for Shanghai SIPG is Beijing Guoan, from the final eight is home and away two matches, Shanghai SIPG is first away then home.

The next which is 9th round of CSL match for Shanghai SIPG will be on the 5th May ( Saturday) compete against Beijing Guoan in home ground.



Pereira ( head coach of Shanghai SIPG)

This is a difficult match, a typical cup league. We have play many match before, the recent schedule is too tight, the rhythm of every 3 days 1 match. If the team is not playing, they are recovering, verty little of technical and tactical practice,it made us less energetic in the game, of course this is normal. The team like us, currently squad is not particularly big, we can't play in every rotation, to keep the balance of attack and defend system.

Today i am satisfied with players performance, our rotation players are doing well. But for this match, the efficient time is very short, there are too many interruptions.This is a problem facing football matches,we should try to improve our net match time.

In general, I am happy that the team will advance to the next round,what is needed now is a positive recovery, to prepare well for the next match.


Within the 90 minutes we have not let the opponent to score goals, they also don't have a particularly good chance of scoring. This is what we have improve from the previous match witj Changchun Yatai. Our three lines were too far apart in the last match, the formation is not compact enough, there is too much space for the opponent to take advantage of.

We had a lot of problems at the start of the match. Oscar was injured leaving the pitch, his role on the pitch is very important, he can bring vitality to the team, especially in organizing attacks.  His leaving has bring down the team's attacking energy. Then Wu Lei was also injured, has impact his performance.

Regarding Oscars injury, i was not too sure he is now at the hospital,the detail situation have to wait for tomorrow's inspection results and medical team report.Oscar is very important to the team,I hope his injury is not very serious,but head injuries are still a concern. Wu Lei also has head injuries, hope they recover as soon as possible,we need them in the squad for the next match.

Garcia ( head coach of Beijing Renhe): I am very happy and satisfied with this match today,  the whole team plays very energic and hard. To face the strong team like Shanghai SIPG which we could enter the penalty shootout was not easy.There is too much uncertainty about penalty shootouts, finally i would like to congrats to Shanghai SIPG promoted to the next round. At the same time I feel proud of my players, they are trying all their best, to show their strength.

Appearance List

GK: Yan Junling

DF: Fu Huan; He Guan; Shi Ke; Zhang Wei ( 88 Sun Jungang)

MF: Oscar ( 13 Wu Lei), Cai Huikang, Lyu Wenjun

FW: Hulk, Elkeson, Chen Binbin (68 Hu Jinghang)


No matter how far the distance, bad weather, tiredness in the trip, there is always a group of people, together wih team, this is our expedition team of Shanghai SIPG. Tonight in the glorius moment, 3 gentlemans from different representative, together to come to the wall of glorous moment, drive the rest of supporters to shout loudly, and cheer up for the team.


As a supporter representative of the north stand bat fan club, Fu Chao accompany the team to Xian. Although surrounded by almost forty thousand supporters in the stadium, as he was the representative of Shanghai SIPG expedition supporters, left the shouting in the stadium, finally take the victory back home with Shanghai SIPG.


Tao Junhuan, from the Sirius fan club, was member of the expedition last weekend has accompany with the team to Changchun.Although the team losing the game,but from the first minute of the game, the cheering voice of the supporters has echo the stadium. Under circumstance of behind the score, the goal scored by Wu Lei was disallowed, the supporters support the team in a sensible way, respect for penalty, show our elegance appearance of the supporters to everyone.


Shen Qin is a key supporter in SAIC car fan club,although he did not went for the two away games last week, but he has promised that he shall follow the team when they heading off to Dalian and Chongqing in August, to take the other colleagues to watch the away match, to become the 12th person for Shanghai SIPG.


The season of 2018 is endless, hope more supporters will coe to Shanghai stadium to cheer up for the team, and also hope more supporters will join the squad of expeditionary forces for Shanghai SIPG.



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