Report. 【King of Elkeson make contributions, SIPG Won Victory in the 1st battle】Pereira: Only with the support of fans which we can win today!



Tokyo local time 19: 00 tonight, Shanghai SIPG to compete against Japanese team Kawasaki Frontale in the 1st leg of AFC champions league for away game. Depend on the goal scored by Elkeson, SIPG took the victory by 1 to 0 in away game against the previous J league champion team, to received a good start.




In this match, the head of coach of SIPG Pereira has arranged the strongest squad, compares to the qualifying match for AFC champions league, Elkeson has replace Lyu Wen Jun to appear in the starting line up as center FW. Yan Jun Ling was the GK, on the defensive line was Shi Ke and He Guan, Wang Sheng chao played as right back, left back was Yu Hai; MF was Cai Hui Kang, Oscar and Akhmedov; on the attack line was Wu Lei and Hulk on the side, Elkeson in the center.



SIPG In the 23’ minute which break the deadlock, first was to grab a foul ball. After the foul ball, Yu Hai send the ball in a cross from the left, Elkeson take volley after stopping the ball in the middle, the ball was save by the GK of Kawasaki Frontale after hit on the goal post then socred the goal. In the 33’ minute, GK Yan Jun Ling as have good performance, he save the ball which played by Kengo Nakamura just around the corner. When the first ended, SIPG was too the lead of 1 to 0.



In the second half, the home team Kawasaki Frontale has improve their attack, and SIPG was sit in defended. The team has received good outcome from the winter training, they have stand up to the attack, and keep the lead until the end of the game.




Finally SIPG took the victory of 1 to 0 which compete against Kawasaki Frontale in away game for the 1st match of AFC Champions league. In the other match for this group phase, Melbourne Victory held Ulsan Hyundai to a 3 to 3 draw, SIPG was temporarily placed first in the group.


The next AFC Champions league match will be on the 20th February ( Next Tuesday) to compete against Melbourne Victory.




Pereira ( Head coach of Shanghai SIPG)


In the progress of this match, we all expected in the previous preparation. The opponent was good at control the ball,the technique and tactics are distinctive,long copperative time with very mature techniques. I am very glad, we did well on the defensive line, most of the time the formation was very tight.Our counterattack is good, have create many opportunities, of course our opponent also did quite a few.


Basically we have many difficulties for the past week. Akmedov, Oscar both have injures, Hulk was also sick. I would like to thanks to our medical team for their excellant work, to help the player with speedy recovery, to played well during the 90 minutes, they did a fantastic job.


Elkesons performance was excellant today, scored the important goal, to bring us victory.In fact, I am more satisfied is, he played very hard, running up and down for the entire game, and make selfless contributions. What i have to said, if the player play hard enough, they all have the opportunities to appear on the field, to become first starting line up positions.


For Hulk, i know his personality very well, he was the top player in Porto, and in SIPG as well. Although for the past three days he was sick, but he still try his best to help the team. As the captain, i can see his spiritual strength and sense of responsibility, so i feel happy.



Finally i would like to thanks to our fans, who support us in the stadium. With the support of fans, only then we can win today, I hope the fans can continue to support us, i shall pay them back with more victory.


 Yan Jun Ling ( Player of the Match)


Like what the head coach said, we have experienced a tough week.Our Opponent Kawasaki Frontale was very strong, so we are very happy that we could win,sometimes the result was more important, especially this is the first game for AFC champions league.The team are played more and more mature now, defensive training in winter camp has been effective, we did a good job on the defensive line. We will be more and more confident in the future, to play the football which people would like to watch.



Regarding the save for the first half, i did not think too much at that moment, what i can do is to try my best. In this season, my previous GK coach Walker was back,and i have trained very hard in the winter training, that save was also a confirmation for my training.


Toru Oniki( Head coach of Kawasaki Frontale): It’s a pity that we didn’t win the game, during the entire game we have many opportunities to score goals, but we didn’t make it.All we can do now is continue to work hard, and play well for the remaining games,after all the season is just begin.


Appearance List

 GK: Yan Jun Ling

 DFWang Sheng Chao, He Guan, Shi Ke, Yu Hai

 MF: Akhmedov, Cai Hui Kang, Oscar

 FWHulk, Elkeson, Wu Lei ( 90 Lyu Wen Jun)


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