The Beacon. There is no edge for SIPG to won the championship, Let us fight again for the next year



In the 2nd round of the final for CFA Cup 2017, it kicks off at the Shanghai stadium tonight. Shanghai SIPG won over Shanghai Greenland Shenhua 3 to 2, the total score of 3 to 3 held a draw to the opponent, but unfortunately did not won the championship due to disadvantage of the scoring in away game.



The first line up of the game compared to the 1st leg of the two teams, the right back defender was reused Fu Huan, the MF was U23 player Wei Zhen who has partnered with He Guan; in the middle field Zhang Yi has replace Cai Huikang who become the first lineup, as well has Akhmeodv and Oscar; on the defend line Lv Wenjun was back, who partnered with Hulk and Wu Lei.



In the 15’ minute, SIPG first to score the goal, Oscar pass the 45 degree ball from the right, Lv Wenjun has a sliding kick from the back point. In the 44’ minute, the player Cao Yunding from away team Shanghai Greenland Shenhua held a draw. When the first half ended, SIPG was temporarily held the opponent to a draw of 1 to 1,the total score was temporarily 1 to 2 behind.



In the second half, Shanghai Greenland Shenhua in the 67’ minute, the lead was scored by Martins. In the 71’ minute, Fu Huan has won the penalty kick in the opponent’s penalty area, Hulk scored the goal, to change the score into 2 to 2 draw. In the 76’ minute, Hulk from SIPG, play a corner kick from the left, Moreno from Shanghai Greenland Shenhua had an own goal.



Thanks to our four hundred thousand football fans and all parts of society who have support and care for us, which they have come to cheer up for us tonight in such cold weather. Although, we are not the best team who have won the champion, but each of our player who have played tonight, for the entire season they have try all their best.


Growing up requires courage! Let us fight again for the next year!





Boas ( head coach of Shanghai SIPG)

The two rounds for the final, we are in a state of chase, 1st leg we are 0 to 1 behind, there was a goal in the beginning of the match, but then it was scored a goal by the opponent, this has been a blow to the morale of the players. In the second half, we have not given up, keep trying, but unfortunately, we have not score 4 to 2.


Congratulate to Shen Hua won the championship, of course, this is very regrettable for us. We didn't win a championship this year, as the head coach, I have responsible. I hope the team will continue their efforts on the way to the future.

When I decide to do the coaching for Shanghai SIPG, it's just to win the championship. In fact, we have the opportunity, also came closer to the success of that step, but we finally didn’t make it. 

The team compared to the previous one, be ready to hit the champion in the future. The experience of the season is also valuable for the players, they can learn a lot from the pain of losing the championship, it will definitely help in the future. 

Wu Jingui ( head coach of Shanghai Greenland Shenhua): The game was up and down, both team has at played their own level. Just what I thought after we have finishes the first round, we have done the most difficult preparations in all respects. Finally, we won the championship with a lot of away goals. Thanks to Shanghai SIPG and Shanghai Shenxin, after their own efforts to leave the champion in Shanghai, Shenhua eventually won the trophy.


Appearance  List

GK: Yan Junling

DF: Fu Huan, He Guan, Wei Zhen ( 46’ Shi Ke)

MF: Oscar, Zhang Yi( 46’ Wei Shihao), Akhmedov

FW: Hulk, Lv Wenjun (77’ Yu Hai), Wu Lei


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