The Beacon. 【1st Leg of CFA Cup Final】Shanghai lost in away game, Next week back to the home ground and fight for the last 90 minutes!



Tonight, for the 1st leg of CFA cup final this year in Shanghai Hongkou Stadium has taking place, Shanghai SIPG who play as away match was lost to Shanghai Greenland Shenhua as 0 to 1.

In this game, head coach Boas arrange the first line up U23 player Wei Zhen to partnered with MF He Guan, Shi Ke take positioned ad right defender, left defender is Wang Shenchao; MF Akhmedov, Oscar and Cai Huikang as first line up; on the forward line was Wu Lei and Hulk, as well as Yu Hai

In the first half, either side is conservative, aggressive attacks, there are several good opportunities for each of them. In the 38’ minute, Shanghai Greenland Shenhua who play in home ground got the opportunity to score, Liu Ruofan pass on the right side, Martins suddenly followed and score the goal. When the first half ended, Shanghai SIPG temporarily 0 to 1 fall behind.

In the second half, Shanghai SIPG has send on Wei Shihao first and then Fu Huan, to enhance the tactical for front field and sideways, but in the end it was not possible to rewrite the score. In the 1st leg of CFA Cup final, Shanghai SIPG lost to Shanghai Greenland Shenhua for 0 to 1.

 Next Sunday, Shanghai SIPG shall return back to home match to compete against Shanghai Greenland Shenhua for the 2nd round of CFA Cup. Thanks to the fans whose has cheer up in stadium for the team today. Next week we are at the home ground, go all out with the team, to fight for the last 90 minutes!



Boas ( Head coach of Shanghai SIPG)

It was a very difficult game for us, we are trying to find the chance to rewrite the score, hope we can win the game. As a matter of fact, we have more control on the ball, but Shenhua's defense is very good. The opponents got a lot of good chances in the first half, but we didnt play good enough, in fact, we should do better today, especially to strengthen after the opponent. Shenhua's defense was very tight and firm, my players did their best to punch through the opponents' defense, so I have nothing to blame for the players.


In fact, for the CFA cup final, this was just the first half, there are still one more match. Considering the league match between us and our opponents, there are many goals at home match, so when we go back there, we have the confidence to play well for the hone match. What to do next is to clean up the mood, get the player to recover as soon as possible, to prepare for the 2nd round. This will also be our last game of the year, hope we can win the championship in the end, to get the result of what we wanted.

Wu Jingui( Head coach of Shanghai Greenland Shenhua): Today the game was the same as we expected before the match, the opponent was very strong, we have to carry out many running and defensive, more fight with the opponent, therefore the result was like this. To thank for the players of their complete tactical discipline on the pitch, also to congratulate them on the results.

CFA cup has 2 rounds of the match, this was the 180 minutes for the first half, the next round will be more difficult in the home ground of Shanghai SIPG.


Appearance List

GK: Yan Junling

DF: Shi Ke, He Guan, Wei Zhen(55Fu Huan), Wang Shenchao

MF: Akhmedov, Cai Huikang(84 Lin Chuangyi)

FW: Wu Lei, Hulk, Yu Hai( 46 Wei Shihao)


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